Absolute Dedication to Serving the Public and Defending the Defenseless The Higher-up Cops Have Finally Seen How

Panic and terror spread across the Greater Noida community on Thursday night (September 28) after a large python was spotted in the Pari Chowk neighborhood. As soon as they were made aware of the situation, police rushed to the scene to take appropriate action. According to reports, a group of brave officers rescued the reptile and turned it over to the forest service. SEE VIDEO

The whole story behind the internet sensation

The python was found in a moving truck, as was previously unknown. The driver and his aide reportedly saw the massive snake and immediately drove off, abandoning the vehicle near Pari Chowk. Eventually, the creature escaped the vehicle but became entangled in a bicycle.

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The situation needs to be fleshed out more

Locals who gathered to watch the animal rescue were able to capture the event on their smartphones. The police were bravely seen removing the snake and placing it in a bag after the video showed the hazardous snake coiling itself on a parked bike.

The police officers were seen taking charge and making sure everyone was secure. It is speculated that after the massive python was rescued from the UP street, it was released into a remote area of the jungle.

As the video gained prominence online, viewers complimented the UP police and applauded their efforts. A post on X acknowledged the occurrence and the brave action taken by the police force, reading, “Noida Police is now ready to deal with anyone without fear in the interest of public safety.

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