To Whom Adam Levine Dating In 2022? Marital Status, Previous Relationships History Revealed!

Adam Levine Dating History: On March 18, 1979, Adam Noah Levine was born. He is a musician and singer from the United States. He is best known as the lead singer and rhythm guitarist for the pop rock band Maroon 5. Levine started making music in 1994 with the band Kara’s Flowers. He was the lead singer and lead guitarist for that group. After their only album, The Fourth World, didn’t sell well, the group got back together in 2001 as Maroon 5, with James Valentine taking Levine’s place as lead guitarist.

Songs About Jane, their first album, went multi-platinum in the US. Since then, they’ve put out six more albums: It Won’t Be Soon Before Long (2007), Hands All Over (2010), Overexposed (2012), V (pronounced “five”) (2014), Red Pill Blues (2017), and Jordi (2021). As a member of the band Maroon 5, Levine has won many awards, including three Grammys. Along with Adam Levine’s Dating History, Selena Gomez and David Henrie’s Dating is currently the most googled topic nowadays.

Adam Levine Early Life

Adam Noah Levine was born in Los Angeles to Fredric Levine, the founder of the retail chain M. Fredric, and Patsy (née Noah) Levine, an admissions counselor. When Levine was seven, his parents split up, and he went to therapy. As a child, he lived with his mother during the week and with his father on the weekends. He has a brother named Michael, two half-siblings named Sam and Liza Levine, and a step-sister named Julia Bartolf Milne. [needs citation] Levine’s father and grandfather on his mother’s side were both Jewish, but his grandmother was a Protestant.

The Jewish Chronicle says that Levine is spiritual but not religious, even though he thinks of himself as Jewish. He decided not to have a Bar Mitzvah as a child because the tradition is to give gifts at Bar Mitzvahs “I thought a lot of kids were trying to make money off of it… I just don’t think it’s the best way to treat God, beliefs, and thousands of years of cultural history.” Timothy Noah is a journalist and author, and Peter Noah is a TV producer and writer. Levine is the nephew of both of them.

Levine says that his family is “very musical,” and he says that his mother “put me on the right path.” He also says that his musical style was influenced by Simon & Garfunkel, Fleetwood Mac, and The Beatles, which were his mother’s favorite bands. He says that they were “a big part of my upbringing.” Levine went to Brentwood School, which is where he met his future bandmates Jesse Carmichael and Mickey Madden. He continued to be interested in music through high school, where he says he was “a little bit of a rebel. I didn’t want to do what they were telling me to do. Music was all I could think about.”

Adam Levine’s Personal Life

Levine met Russian SI swimsuit cover model Anne Vyalitsyna in 2010 in Las Vegas. They dated. They broke up “amicably and supportively” in April 2012. Levine dated Victoria’s Secret model Behati Prinsloo in May 2012. Jonah Hill officiated the couple’s 2014 wedding. Dusty Rose (born September 21, 2016)[140] and Gio Grace (born February 15, 2018).

Michael Levine’s brother supports same-sex marriage and LGBT rights. In 2011, he created a YouTube video for Maroon 5’s It Gets Better Project. In January 2012, he reported that Maroon 5 had moved their post-Grammy show because an “unnamed Los Angeles restaurant backed Proposition 8”.

In 2013, Levine was cited in a hostile work environment lawsuit filed in Los Angeles Superior Court by an unknown security guard who claimed Universal Music Publishing Group’s Santa Monica location was “infiltrated by extensive drug use” When the guard protested about cannabis smoke coming from one of the studios, she was assured, “It’s Adam Levine—if he wants to do cocaine in the lobby, it’s OK.” Universal Music Publishing Group (UMPG) called the charges “absurd”

Levine and Prinsloo worked with Ferrari and Save the Children to generate money for U.S. education programs during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Levine and Prinsloo started Calirosa in 2021. From December 2021, the brand’s tequila bottles were sold. 7 September 2022: Levine and Prinsloo are expecting their third child.

Adam Levine Dating History

Adam Levine’s marriage has been in the news lately because an Instagram model named Sumner Stroh said she had a “physical” affair with the singer in 2021. Apart from this, Have you heard about Joelle Rich’s Net Worth?

As soon as the rumors started to spread in September 2022, the lead singer of Maroon 5 denied having a one-year affair with Stroh. But he did say that he crossed a line.

Here’s a look at who he’s dated over the years, from Jane Herman, his high school sweetheart, to Behati Prinsloo, whom he’s been married to for a long time:

1. Jane Herman

Adam Levine Dating History
Adam Levine Dating History

Before they broke up, Herman and Levine were together for four years. Levine started dating Jane Herman when he was 18 years old, in 1997. Before they broke up in 2001, they were together for almost 4 years.

“Songs About Jane,” Maroon 5’s first album, came out in 2002. Hits like “This Love” and “She Will Be Loved” brought attention to Levine’s four-year relationship with his high school sweetheart, Jane.

2. Jessica Simpson

Adam Levine Dating History
Adam Levine Dating History

The singer is said to have hooked up with Jessica Simpson back in the day. Reports said that Levine and Jessica Simpson hooked up in January 2006 and spent the night together at the Chateau Marmont Hotel in Los Angeles.

The next morning, the “With You” singer was seen getting picked up by her best friend CaCee Cobb while wearing the “Harder to Breathe” singer’s white T-shirt. It was said that Levine broke up with her through a text message.

3. Anne Vyalitsyna

Adam Levine Dating History
Adam Levine Dating History

In 2011, at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, Levine and Anne V, as she is known, made their relationship official. Levine and Russian model Vyalitsyna reportedly met at a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue party in 2010. They dated for about two years.

In November 2011, the Grammy winner sang at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. As his girlfriend walked by him, he gave her a kiss to show how much he loved her. She was also in the music video for “Misery,” which was a big hit for Maroon 5 in 2010. In April 2012, Vyalitsyna broke up with Levine by giving a statement to People. This reportedly caught him by surprise.

4. Behati Prinsloo

Adam Levine Dating History
Adam Levine Dating History

Just one month after he broke up with Vyalitsyna, Levine was seen getting close to another Victoria’s Secret model, Behati Prinsloo. In May 2012, they were seen kissing in Hawaii on their way to a friend’s wedding, but things did not go smoothly from there. In May 2013, the couple took a short break, during which Levine was seen with model Nina Agdal.

However, they quickly got back together. Levine and Prinsloo got married in Mexico in July of 2014, and their daughters, Dusty Rose and Gio Grace were born in September 2016 and February 2018. Even though the couple is still married and expecting their third child, Levine got into trouble when Stroh said he had an affair in September 2022. Besides this, Are you interested to read about Nia Long’s Net Worth

5. Sumner Stroh

Adam Levine Dating History
Adam Levine Dating History

This week, a model named Sumner Stroh posted a TikTok video in which she said she had dated Adam Levine, even though he is married. Sumner says that she and Adam were together for about a year, but that they are no longer together. In the video, which has been watched more than 22 million times, she showed messages she said the singer had sent her, including one in which he seemed to ask if he could name his unborn child after her.

Adam Levine talked about Sumner’s accusations in a post on Instagram. He said, “A lot is being said about me right now, and I want to clear the air.” I didn’t think things through very well when I flirted with anyone other than my wife. Even though I didn’t have an affair, I crossed the line during a bad time in my life.

“In some situations, it didn’t make sense. All I care about in this world are my wife and my family. It was the worst mistake I could ever make to be so naive and stupid as to put at risk the only thing that really matters to me. I won’t do it ever again.”


Levine met Russian SI swimsuit cover model Anne Vyalitsyna in 2010 in Las Vegas. They dated. They broke up “amicably and supportively” in April 2012. Levine dated Victoria’s Secret model Behati Prinsloo in May 2012. Jonah Hill officiated the couple’s 2014 wedding. His Dating History is described above.

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