Adidas Net Worth: How Much They Earned From Yeezy? Brand Value, Sponsorships And Facts Revealed!

Adidas Net Worth: Adidas is the biggest company that makes sports gear. As of 2022, Adidas has a net income of €674 billion and a net worth of $64.9 billion.

Adidas is a German multinational company that designs and makes shoes, clothes, accessories, and other things. The company was started in 1924, and in 1949, it got a new name. Adidas makes more sportswear than any other company in Europe and is the second largest in the world.

Adidas is without a doubt one of the richest sports companies in the world. Its fans and customers come from all over the world, so the company has a lot of money. Along with this, Rob Schneider’s Net Worth is also the most googled topic nowadays.

How Much Money Does Adidas Make?

Adidas is one of the best-known sports brands, and it has customers all over the world. Other than Nike, Adidas is the only company that makes sportswear that is sold all over the world. Adidas is the biggest maker of sportswear in Europe, and it has also invested in a football team and a company that makes technical fitness equipment.

Adidas owns 8.33% of Bundesliga powerhouse Bayern Munich and current champions Runtastic, Austrian digital health, and fitness company. Adidas bought Reebok for $3.8 billion in 2005, completing its takeover of the company. This helped Adidas grow its business around the world even more. Based on its market capitalization, it is said that Adidas has a net worth of $64.9 billion as of 2022.

Adidas made $23.64 billion in sales, which is the most money the company has made in the 21st century. Adidas’s net income is €1.977 billion, which is the most it has ever made in the 21st century. About half of all the money that Adidas made came from selling shoes. Adidas was hurt by the pandemic because 70% of its stores had to close.

Adidas lost money because it only made €4.753 billion in the first quarter of 2022, compared to €5.883 billion in the same time period in 2019. Its net income was also hurt. In the first quarter of 2022, Adidas had a net income of €20 million. Adidas’s net income went from €631 million in 2019 to €20 million in 2022, which is a huge drop.

Adidas Brand Value

Between 2016 and 2022, the value of the Adidas brand went up by a lot.

Year Value of a Brand (in US dollars)

Year Brand value (in US dollars)
2016 7 billion
2017 10.17 billion
2018 14.3 billion
2019 16.67 billion
2020 16.48 billion

About The Adidas Company

Adidas Net Worth

Adidas has 1,190 stores all over the world. There are currently 59,533 people working for Adidas through its large network. Adidas has 10% of the market for shoes and 6% of the market for sportswear in the whole USA.

In 2019, the company made 448 million pairs of shoes and 558 million pieces of clothing. On the American Customer Satisfaction Index, Adidas has the best score. It makes more sportswear than any other company in the world and is the biggest in Europe.

In 1997, Adidas paid $1.4 billion to buy the Salomon and Taylormade brands. Besides this, Have you heard about Justin Verlander’s Net Worth?

How Much Is Adidas Worth?

According to Macro Trends, it is projected that Adidas has a total net value of $20.19 billion. This should not come as a surprise given that the company has said that 2021 is going to be fantastic.

The corporation disclosed in a statement that its sales increased by 16% and that the company’s revenues increased by 15% in 2021 to a total of 21.234 billion euros.

In the same year, the company had an improvement in its gross margin of 0.7 percentage points, bringing it up to 50.7%. Keeping all of this in mind, the corporation set its sights on improving its performance in 2022.

How Much Did The Brand Make From Yeezys?

Jonathan Komp, an analyst at Baird, was quoted as saying in the New York Post that the brand was earning approximately $1.8 billion in annual revenue as a result of the agreement.

The band also revealed in the statement that they had estimated that they believed Adidas would “have a short-term negative impact” of up to €250 million on the company’s net profits in the year 2022.

During this period, the transaction also had an effect on Ye. As a result of the agreement, Ye’s net worth has decreased from $1.5 billion to $400 million, which has prevented him from remaining on the Forbes billionaire list. Apart from this, Are you interested to read about Akshata Murthy’s Net Worth?


According to Baird analyst Jonathan Komp, who was mentioned in the New York Post, the deal has brought in about $1.8 billion in yearly sales for the company. Moreover, the band members disclosed in the statement that they had projected Adidas would “have a short-term detrimental impact” of up to €250 million on the company’s net profits in the year 2022.

He was also affected by the deal at this time. Ye’s net worth has dropped from $1.5 billion to $400 million as a result of the arrangement, removing him from Forbes’ list of billionaires.

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