Akshata Murthy Net Worth: What Is Rishi Sunak’s wife’s Fortune And How Wealthy Is She In 2022?

Akshata Murthy Net Worth: The wife of Britain’s newly elected Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, Akshata Murty, owns 0.93 percent of the shares in Infosys, the most successful information technology business in India. Narayan Murthi, Akshata’s father, was the one who initially established the business.

It was while Akshata was completing her MBA in the United States, where Rishi Sunak was working as a Fulbright scholar, that the two of them first crossed paths. Along with this, Gisele Bündchen Net Worth is also the most googled topic nowadays.

Author and philanthropist Sudha Murthy is Akshata’s mother. She has achieved a lot in her life. Murty is the owner of 3.89 crore shares in the corporation, which is estimated to be worth 721 million dollars, which is equivalent to approximately 5,956 crore rupees.

Based on the current market price of Infosys shares, which is Rs 1,527.40, one can estimate the company’s net value. According to a report from PTI, Infosys has been paying a dividend of Rs 32.5 per share ever since the fiscal year 2021-22.

The total amount of money that she made from her shareholdings alone would be a staggering Rs 126.61 crore if it were multiplied by the number of shareholdings that she owned.

In 2021, the business distributed a dividend amounting to Rs 30 per share. She would have made a total of 119,500,000 rupees within that calendar year. Besides this, Are you interested to read about Justin Verlander’s Net Worth?

Akshata has not renounced her citizenship in India. Rishi Sunak, on the other hand, was born in the United Kingdom yet has Indian ancestry. Because she is not a citizen of the United Kingdom, she is exempt from paying taxes on the money that she earns in India.

Her lack of permanent residence in the country sparked a major controversy in Britain. According to her spokeswoman, she has always paid taxes on all of her income from the UK. The names of Rishi Sunak and Akshata’s children, Krishna and Anoushka, respectively.

Akshata Murthy Net Worth

In addition to that, she has formal training in fashion design. The Murthy family controls 3.6 percent of the company that is known as Infosys. Narayana Murthy owns 0.40 percent of the company, his wife Sudha Murthy owns 0.82 percent, and the couple’s son Rohan owns 1.45 percent.

The private equity and venture capital firm that Narayan Murthy helped to finance currently has stakes worth more than one billion dollars and employs fifteen people in India (Rs 8, 229 crores approx.). Since 2013, Murthy has held the position of director at Catamaran Ventures.

The company focuses on locally-based companies that, in order to grow strategically, require the management knowledge, finance, and network partners of a firm. This heritage outfitter business has been led by Murthy as its director ever since the year 2017.

According to various sources, she is said to have resigned from her position as director back in February of this year. However, it is impossible to make any definitive statements regarding the same.

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Digme is a fitness company with headquarters in London that provides exercise classes at private residences and studios in the areas of Covent Garden, Bank, and Moorgate, as well as Richmond. Murthy has been a director of Digme since 2017 and currently owns a stake in the firm equal to 4.4% of its total value.

Final Lines: Akshata Murty, the wife of Britain’s recently elected Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, owns 0.93 percent of the shares in Infosys, India’s most successful information technology corporation. Akshata Murthi’s father, Narayan, founded the company.

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