Alec Baldwin’s Gun Accident Details Explored! Did He Volunterely Fired On “Rust” Set?

On October 21, 2021, on the set of the movie Rust at the Bonanza Creek Ranch in Bonanza City, New Mexico, US, actor Alec Baldwin accidentally shot a real bullet from a prop revolver, killing cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and hurting director Joel Souza. The safety of the weapon hadn’t been checked out well enough before.

As of 2022, the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office, the First Judicial District Attorney of New Mexico, and the New Mexico Occupational Health and Safety Bureau are all looking into what happened. Rust’s production was stopped for good, and the incident led to a discussion about safety in the film industry, how employees are treated, and the use of real guns as props.

As A Rule Live Ammunition Isn’t Used On Movie Sets

Even though props departments usually use real guns on movie sets, they may also use models, cap guns, or guns that don’t work. However, they don’t use live ammunition. The New York Times says that investigators took about 500 rounds from Rust’s set. However, blanks are usually used to make it look like a gun was fired, and sometimes powder is added to make the blast look bigger onscreen. But blanks can also hurt, especially when they are shot from close range.

Most production teams have strict rules about how prop guns can be used, but accidents still happen: Brandon Bruce Lee, who was Bruce Lee’s son, died in 1993 while filming The Crow. A bullet stuck in the barrel of a prop gun fired along with a blank. And actor Jon-Erik Hexum broke his head playing Russian roulette with a blank in 1984. He died a few days later.

Rehearsal And Shooting Incident

B-cameraman Reid Russell was on a camera dolly with Hutchins and Souza close. Baldwin’s character pointed a gun toward the camera. The three behind the monitor were two feet from the gun’s barrel and weren’t wearing protective gear. Baldwin began detailing how he planned to pull the gun as the camera team removed a shadow. Along With Alec Baldwin’s Gun Accident, You should read about What Was The Cause Of biz Markie Death?

“I assume I’ll take this out, pull it, and go ‘Bang!'” He shot once after removing it from the holster. Baldwin and Halls maintained the gunshot by itself, but the FBI disproved this. The projectile hit Hutchins and Souza behind the monitor. PT and emergency workers arrived 3 minutes after script supervisor Mamie Mitchell called 9-1-1. Unrecorded.  Hutchins died at the University of New Mexico Hospital in Albuquerque.

Souza was treated by EMS and sent to Christus St. Vincent Regional Medical Center in Santa Fe. He was admitted and released the next day. Rust production was paused indefinitely after the incident, although co-producer Anjul Nigam was sure it will restart after the investigation. Nigam later explained that he meant optimism and hope, not confidence, as those participating in the production want to complete Hutchins’ final task. 

Baldwin Says He Didn’t Pull The Trigger.

Baldwin labeled the incident a “one-in-a-trillion episode” in an October 30 paparazzi exchange. “We were a well-oiled group shooting a film together, and then this horrific incident happened,” he said. “I can’t comment because an investigation is continuing.” Santa Fe’s sheriff ordered me.” His first public statements since the day following the shooting were on Twitter. “There are no words to express my astonishment and anguish at Halyna Hutchins’ tragic accident,” he wrote. Other than that, have you heard about How Gabby Petito Died?

“I’m working with the police inquiry into how this tragedy happened and extending my support to her husband and family.” My heart breaks for her husband, son, and those who adored Halyna.” ’ Baldwin informed George Stephanopoulos in a December 2 interview that Hutchins’ gun wasn’t fired. He said, “I didn’t shoot.” I’d never point a gun at someone and pull the trigger. Stephanopoulos said, “You’re never supposed to point a pistol at somebody on set, ever.” Baldwin replied, “Unless it’s the cinematographer telling me where to aim for her shot.” That happened.”

Baldwin stated a genuine bullet wasn’t meant to be on stage. Someone put a live round in a gun that wasn’t on the property, he added. “I can’t say who’s responsible, but I’m not.” Baldwin thought Hutchins fainted after the gunshot. “I didn’t realize the gun had a live cartridge until 45 to 60 minutes later.” Baldwin supports “everything that makes this less likely to happen again.”On Thursday, Rust’s deputy director’s attorney, Torraco, said Baldwin didn’t pull the trigger and didn’t even have his finger on it. Baldwin’s finger was always outside the trigger guard, Torraco claimed. From day one, he suspected a misfire.

Alec Baldwin Gun Accident
Alec Baldwin Gun Accident

An Official FBI Report Contradicts Baldwin’s Claim.

Eight months after Baldwin said on national TV that he didn’t pull the trigger on the Rust set, an official FBI forensic report found that the gun “could not be made to fire without a pull of the trigger.” The FBI is said to have done “accidental discharge testing” on a single action. 45 Colt caliber F.lli Pietta, which was the model used on set.

Assuming that the revolver worked well, the tests showed that the gun couldn’t fire without the trigger being pulled. This directly contradicts Baldwin’s earlier claim that he “didn’t pull the trigger.” The report has been given to the Santa Fe County Sheriff, who is still looking into it. The department is still waiting, though, to get Baldwin’s phone records, which the Suffolk County Police Department is said to still have.

Hutchins’ Family Disputes Baldwin’s Claim That He Didn’t Shoot Him.

About three months after Baldwin’s interview with ABC News, Halyna’s husband, Matt Hutchins, spoke out in an interview with Today’s Hoda Kotb. Baldwin said that he wasn’t responsible for Halyna’s death. He said, “The idea that the person holding the gun and making it go off is not responsible is ridiculous.” He also said that it made him “angry” to see Baldwin give a national TV interview so soon after his wife died. Apart from this, Have you read about the mesmerizing journey of Braun Strowman in WWE?

He said, “It just made me so mad to hear him talk so openly and in such detail about her death and then not take any responsibility for killing her.” Matt didn’t put all of the blame on Baldwin, but he did imply that the whole production was very bad by saying, “A lot of industry standards weren’t followed, and there are a lot of people to blame.” 

Santa Fe Revealed Hundreds Of Pages Of Shooting Documents

Following the findings from the New Mexico Occupational Health and Safety Bureau, the Santa Fe Sheriff’s Office disclosed a large number of papers. Interviews with Baldwin and Gutierrez-Reed, as well as medical records, are included. The sheriff’s office also published body-cam footage last year. In a video, an officer approaches Baldwin, who complies. He tells other crew members, “She’s bringing me an empty rifle, and we only load when ready to shoot.”

The documents included a 200-page overview of the inquiry thus far, which shows the Sheriff’s Office has analyzed text messages from people involved, including ones from Gutierrez-Reed suggesting she handled live ammo on a previous movie shoot. Gutierrez-Reed was told after the incident that prop master Sarah Zachry found “bad ones” in the box of ammunition. Hannah believed that was one or two rounds, but Sarah said it was more than half, citing LA Times.

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