Angels Of Death Season 2 Release Date Status, Cast, Plot And Recap !!

The idea for the series Angels Of Death came from a video game with the same title. The video game was created by Makoto Sanada. Japan is the Country in which the series basically originated. Moreover, it is a horror animation and was released on July 6, 2018.

Season 1of the series is released to date and it consists of 16 episodes in total. It was directed by Kentarō Suzuki and produced by  J.C Staff. Whereas music plays a paramount role in the fame of any series or movie the same way with this one, its music was composed by  Noisycroak. Furthermore, Miki Matsumoto played a double role as chief animation director and also handled character designs. The series was also dubbed in English and its English dubbed version was out on Funimation as well series is available with English subtitles on Crunchyroll.

Angels of Death Season 2: Release Date 

Angels Of Death

As Angels Of Death Season 1 has a large fan following and was a great success, now viewers are eagerly waiting for the next season of the series. They have plenty of questions about the making of season 2, its release date, and a lot more but at present, there is no official announcement related to the same. Meanwhile, it is relieved that Angels Of Death Season 2 will be released on the 0TT platform Netflix this year 2022. The release date is awaited till further information is provided.

Angels of Death Season 2: Plot

This season will inspect how angels trade in sentiments while managing their daily routine and work. It is expected to start from where it is left but nothing can be said as twists and turns may occur. There is uncertainty to say anything about the storyline of season 2.

Angels Of Death Season 2: Expected Cast

The exact information about the cast of Angel Of Death season 2 is not yet known. Below is the list of expected cast :

  • Haruka Chisuga as Rachael Gardner
  • Meg McClain as Rachael Gardner
  • R.Bruce Elliot as Abhram Gray
  • Dallas Reid as Isaac Foster
  • Derick Snow as Daniel Dickens

Angels Of Death Season 2: Trailer

As there is no confirmation about the renewal of the series and release date, the same is with the trailer. There is no official trailer released as of now .it is expected to get released shortly, till then we can just wait for further information. But we have got a surprise for you, Here’s a trailer released by the officials which are believed to be a precursor of the Season 2

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The story whirl around the life of a 13-year-old girl whose name was  Rachel Gardner. In the series, she witnessed a murder and ran toward her bed. Further, when she wakes up she finds herself in the B7 basement and forgets everything except her name and reason for being in hospital. The actual story begins when she notices that she is actually in a game where one can only understand things through hidden messages and secret broadcasts. Moreover, floors were allotted to every participant in the game and if one tries to enter the floor of another participant then the person can be brought to death. Despite knowing this rule Rachel went down to the sixth floor and was almost killed by serial murderer Zack. Meanwhile, Rachel gets to know about Zack’s absconding plan so he did not kill her on the spot and said he will do it once he finds out his way out of the sport. Even after caution, she stuck to him as she was afraid of playing solo in this horror game. In the end, they finally found their way out after going from one prison to another and a lot of struggle.


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Final Lines

As we all are eager to watch season 2 of the anime, we have strong hope that it will be released very soon. There are rumors over the internet which ultimately hint towards the news of season 2 production and cast. Let’s hope the next season will put smiles on our faces and once again we will get the honor of watching one of the most interesting Anime.

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