Are Lindy and Miguel Still Together After ‘Married at First Sight’?

In Season 15, no couple on Married, at First Sight, is perfect. Lindy and Miguel have made some steps toward being a strong couple, but they still have their own problems to work out. So, are Married at First Sight’s Lindy and Miguel still together?

It may seem like a bold question, but a sneak peek at the Oct. 12 episode shows that Lindy and Miguel need to work on how they talk to each other. And when Lindy says that Miguel’s actions and lack of communication are a “trigger” for her, she gives the impression that her marriage is about to end. Let’s dig deep into Are Lindy and Miguel are Still Together After ‘Married at First Sight’?

Are Lindy and Miguel Still Together After ‘Married at First Sight’?

In the clip, Miguel talks to Lindy about something that happened with football and one of the other couples during a game with the other couples. Even though they don’t say what happened, it’s clear that Miguel got mad at Lindy during the game, but he didn’t tell her why. Lindy says this made her cry for 45 minutes and make her wonder what she did to “upset” or “offend” her husband.

In the MAFS clip, Lindy says, “I’m not going to bow down to this man.” She then says that she would like to find a way for things to work without blowing up, but she doesn’t know if they can. “I’m censoring myself so much right now, and this is what sets me off,” she says.

Lindy and Miguel talk about what seems to be his reaction to the game. Miguel agrees that Lindy is right that he is annoyed, but she is wrong about his “perceived level of anger.” Even though Lindy and Miguel are talking it out, things still seem pretty tense between them.

Because of this conversation and how hard they played football, we can see that Lindy and Miguel have a bigger problem. If they can’t figure out how to talk to each other best, Lindy might be more likely to say “no” on Decision Day and choose divorce. But they still have a chance right now.

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Lindy Once Told Miguel That She Doesn’t Want To Talk About Decision Day

Lindy doesn’t talk about Decision Day in the clip, but she does say that they need to figure out how to understand each other and stop fighting so much. She says that if you don’t, things won’t work out. Earlier in the season, Lindy told Miguel that she doesn’t want to talk about Decision Day. Instead, she told her new husband that she wanted to live in the moment with him.

But they might need to start talking about D-Day now because things are getting to the point where they could go either way, and Lindy can only be nice to Miguel for so long before she gets angry again.

Lifetime shows Married at First Sight every Wednesday at 8 p.m. EST.

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