What Is The Net Worth Of Austin Geidt After Dropping Uber Inc? Where Is She Now?

Austin Geidt Net Worth: Austin Geidt rang the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange for Uber’s IPO in 2019. She was in charge of strategy for Uber’s Advanced Technologies Group at the time. Geidt, on the other hand, started at Uber as the first intern in 2010. This is, to say the least, a very impressive career path. Geidt left the company in 2020 after working there for 10 years and taking on many different roles. Many people want to know what she is doing now. Along with this, Sidhu Moose Wala Net Worth is also the most searched topic nowadays.

Who Is Austin Geidt?

Austin Geidt was the fourth person to work for Uber when he joined in 2010. She sent a cold email to Uber’s then-CEO Ryan Graves after she graduated from the University of California, Berkeley. Graves asked her to give a presentation, it seems. The process seemed to work out well for Austin since she was later hired as a marketing intern (she was also the first official intern at the company).

Austin did well in the company’s fast-paced work environment, and he soon took on a number of different roles, such as being in charge of driver operations and being the interim General Manager of New York when the company was having trouble with regulations. In fact, she was in charge of Uber’s entry into Paris, Seattle, Boston, Los Angeles, and Melbourne, which helped the company grow quickly. After that, Austin put together a “launch” team to help the ride-sharing app grow to more than 300 new markets. In an interview with Fortune, the smart Uber executive talked about how she had trouble with drugs when she was in college.

After some time in rehab, she got clean around the time she turned 20. She went back to college and finally got her degree from Berkeley when she was 25. Soon after that, Austin joined Uber, which was the start of her skyrocketing rise. By 2016, she was in charge of the company’s Advanced Technologies Group, which worked on projects like Uber’s research into self-driving cars. In 2019, three years later, Austin stood next to Uber’s CEO as they rang the opening bell of the New York Stock Exchange on the day Uber made its historic initial public offering (IPO). Austin worked at the company under Ryan Graves, Travis Kalanick, and Dara Khosrowshahi, all of whom were CEOs.

Where Is Austin Gedit Now?

Austin Geidt said on social media in August 2020 that after ten years at Uber, she was finally leaving the company. In her post, she talked about how much she liked working at the company, which she had seen grow from a small start-up to one of the most valuable tech companies in the world. It’s not clear if Austin works for another company right now or not.

She seems to still live in San Francisco, though, and since she calls herself a “active bookworm,” she seems to enjoy spending her time reading. In 2021, she posted a picture of herself with a chip that said “16 years sober” to mark a new step in her journey away from addiction.

Austin Geidt Was Hired At Uber In 2010 As The Company’s First Intern

Geidt sent an email to Uber’s CEO, Ryan Graves, asking for a job after getting sober and graduating from the University of California at Berkeley in 2010. She was asked to make a presentation about herself, and that was the end of that. She was the first intern, the first woman to work for the company, and the fourth person to work there in total. Her job as an intern changed over time, and in 2011 she was made Head of Launch. Geidt was named head of operations for the Advanced Technologies Group of the company in 2016. At that point, the value of Uber was more than $50 billion.

“I worked really hard once I was hired. I didn’t sleep because I was always trying to show that I was important. All I could think was, “I’ll find a way to help you guys and a role to play.” “The Muse, she said. “I would get there before anyone else and stay there until late. I still think of Uber as a kind of residency, my work that never stops, and I love it. But at the time, I was just trying to hold on until they saw how important I could be to this company.” Besides This, Are you interested to read about King Von Net Worth?

Austin Geidt Quit Uber In 2020

Austin Geidt Net Worth
Austin Geidt Net Worth

Geidt worked at Uber for ten years. During that time, she oversaw the launch of Uber in 400 markets around the world and was in charge of Uber’s next big project, which was driverless cars. Geidt told Marie Claire that her new job in Advanced Technologies was “a very cool thing to be a part of.” “It seems like a new business again.” She told Uber she was leaving out of the blue in 2020. “Today is my 10th year walking the halls at @Uber, and I can’t think of a better time to leave,” Geidt tweeted about her decision to leave. “I can’t say much about what this place means to me in 240 characters. I’m SO happy and proud to have had this experience, and I’ll never forget it.” Apart From This, have you heard about This Is Us Finale

She also had a big event that year: she had been sober for 16 years. “16 years old, kid! I can’t wait to add this gorgeous chip to my collection. This year’s feels like it was earned even more. Recovery is hard work that goes on for a long time, but it totally rocks! Let’s keep normalizing it, “She said this on a social media site. Geidt’s current job and net worth are unknown, but she had some great advice for interns and people who want to start a career in Silicon Valley. She told The Muse, “Find all the start-ups you’re interested in and just reach out like crazy.” “I think it’s important to make connections for that. And I think the best people I’ve hired came from referrals, so really grow your network and get involved.”

What Is Austin Geidt Net Worth?

Austin Geidt Net Worth Is Approximately US$ 2 to 3 Million. Austin Geidt hasn’t told media sites how much money she has. But because she used to work for Uber Inc., her income is thought to be in the millions.

Geidt began his career as an intern in marketing. In 2016, he was named the strategic head of Advanced Technologies Group. She went on to be the most powerful woman in Silicon Valley. In 2015, she was featured in Fortune’s list of the Most Powerful Women to talk about her amazing career. She has come a long way since she used drugs and now works for Uber.

Austin has had a steady effect on the business even as it has grown and its leaders have changed. She worked hard to solve every problem and become a strong force in her time. Austin Geidt hasn’t done anything about his salary yet. Reports say that she made between $800,000 and $1,000,000 per year. Glassdoor says that the starting salary for an intern at Uber is $89,483 per year. But this information still needs to be checked out.


As we mentioned above that Austin’s Net worth is around 2 to 3 million dollar. Austin has had a steady effect on the business even as it has grown and its leaders have changed. She worked hard to solve every problem and become a strong force in her time. Austin Geidt hasn’t done anything about his salary yet. If you want more interest in accurate information please visit once at our official website Digi Hind News.

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