Barbara Corcoran Net Worth: How Much Does Barbara Make on Shark Tank?

Barbara Corcoran Net Worth: Barbara Corcoran is a successful American entrepreneur, best known for her role as a “Shark” on the ABC reality show “Shark Tank.” She had a tough upbringing as the poor child of Irish Catholic parents. Her upbringing was a living hell because of her alcoholic father.

She and her nine siblings moved around New Jersey, so they could each go to a different school while they were growing up. She completed high school at New Jersey’s “Leonia High School,” went on to earn her teaching credential, and is now employed with a real estate firm.

After that, she and her then-boyfriend started a business they called “The Corcoran-Simone.” After her partner dumped her for another woman, the company was rebranded as “The Corcoran Group.” She also launched a real estate newsletter called “The Corcoran Report” sometime in the 1970s.

But in the early 2000s, she sold her company to a company called “NRT.” She made appearances on ‘Dancing with the Stars and ‘Shark Tank’ in the 2010s. She and her husband Bill Higgins are currently residing in the Big Apple.

Barbara Corcoran Net Worth
Barbara Corcoran Net Worth

Barbara Corcoran Early Life

Barbara Ann Corcoran was born to Irish Catholic parents on March 10, 1949, in Edgewater, New Jersey, U.S. She was the second of ten children born to her working-class parents. She was one of seven siblings, and she grew up alongside her four brothers and five sisters.

Her mother, Florence, is the person she looks up to the most. She also claims that her mother raised seven children with wonderful love and care almost entirely on her own. Barbara’s father was a semi-employed alcoholic who didn’t care much about the family, so they made do with what little money they had.

In the past, though, she has also referred to him as a “funny man” who would provide entertainment for the whole household. Barbara is a resilient young woman because she overcame several obstacles in her life. It was her mother who inspired her perseverance, she said.

She wanted nothing more than to rise beyond her current situation and make a name for herself that would allow her to support a lavish lifestyle. But academic success was elusive for her and she often failed to meet expectations.

She started out at a Catholic elementary school in New Jersey and transferred to St. Cecilia High School in Englewood. She left school after her first year. Her difficulties with dyslexia contributed to her academic failure. You may also read Christina Applegate’s Net Worth

Because of her illness, she found it difficult to focus on her schoolwork. As a result, she failed every class she took. She struggled to maintain her focus on schoolwork and therefore hopped about to several different educational institutions.

She finished high school at “Leonia High School” and then relocated to Sparkill, New York, to enrol at “St. Thomas Aquinas College.” This liberal arts institution did not rank among the finest in the metro area. It was in 1971 that she received her degree in teaching. She went straight to work after that.

Barbara Corcoran Career

After finishing university, she entered the workforce in a variety of fields. She juggled unusual occupations, such as receptionist, waitress, and salesperson. She put away a considerable sum of money by working ten separate jobs over the course of two to three years.

She dabbled in many other fields, however. Nonetheless, she was aware that New York City’s real estate market was booming in the 1970s. Ray Simone, her ex-boyfriend, was in the construction industry. She had met him during her time spent working as a server in a New York City establishment.

After hearing about the lucrative opportunities in the real estate industry from him, she decided she wanted to enter the field. They made the executive decision to start a property development firm as a team. The Corcoran-Simone Corporation was established in 1973.

Simone put a thousand dollars into the business. Originally, they helped people find apartments. In the 1970s, New York City was attracting new residents from all across the United States. As a result, the company did very well.

They networked with local real estate agents and construction companies to locate affordable housing options for their clients. Barbara worked there, but she was also always on the lookout for new methods to get money.

Once, when displaying an apartment, a wealthy engineer offered to buy it from him instead of renting it. Barbara made her first sale at this event. The business made a $3000 commission from this deal. Barbara found this more appealing than her previous endeavours and persuaded Simone to begin selling the apartments they had previously rented out.

She advertised for salespeople in publications including “The New York Times.” She invested heavily in recruiting and training new salespeople, and the business began generating massive revenue just two years after its inception. Most of the managerial decisions were made by Barbara, who also did most of the labour.

Having engaged 14 salesmen at high wages by 1975, the company was thriving. About $500,000 in profit was reported by the business as well. Slowly but surely, it was rising to the ranks of New York’s fastest-growing real estate firms. Along with this, you may check another article like Todd Hoffman’s Net Worth

This couple unexpectedly broke up. Reportedly, Simone began dating another lady at the time, which ultimately resulted in his breakup with Barbara. So, she made the choice to take over as the sole proprietor of the business.

It took a long time to break up the corporation. In 1978, Barbara purchased out the other shareholders and was the sole owner. The newly formed firm, which became known as “The Corcoran Group,” made history as New York’s first real estate agency controlled by women.

Within her first year as a sole proprietor, she oversaw a sales crew of seven and generated $3.500.000 in revenue. She made the transition to online business in the early 2000s. Ahead of any other real estate agent in the city, she recognised the potential of the internet and made the transfer there first.

She also made a point of buying up a plethora of domain names in the hopes of flipping them once her rivals made the move online. She insisted, however, that she was not doing it for financial gain but rather to be abreast of and on good terms with her rivals.

The real estate firm known as “The Corcoran Group” achieved unprecedented success by the turn of the millennium. The firm employed over 850 individuals and reported a net profit of over $100 million. However, when compared to other industry heavyweights, the firm lagged significantly. The ‘Corcoran Group’ was purchased by a number of real estate firms before being sold to NRT Inc. of New Jersey.

Their initial offer to purchase the business was $20 million, but Barbara countered with a demand for $66 million, her lucky number. In 2001, the deal was concluded in under two weeks. She branched herself into publishing as well. Back in the ’70s, she launched a real estate newsletter called ‘The Corcoran Report. It discussed recent developments in the New York City real estate market.

Later, she wrote a book titled “If You Don’t Have Big Breasts, Put Ribbons on Your Pigtail.” Her television career kicked off in the middle of the 2000s when she was hired as a political pundit on ‘Fox News.’ She was a frequent guest on many shows as a real estate expert.

The reality show “Shark Tank” included her as a participant. She has made 22 investments throughout her time on the show. Several new business owners were featured on the show, each trying to persuade the show’s investment panel to back their startup. She’s been on ‘Dancing with the Stars and ‘Grace and Frankie,’ among other shows. Apart from this, you may check other articles like Blueface Net Worth

Barbara Corcoran Personal Life

Upon hearing that Ray Simone was about to marry his secretary, Barbara Corcoran ended her relationship with him. Barbara wed retired navy captain Bill Higgins in 1988. She attempted to have a baby, but it seemed they were having reproductive problems.

Barbara Corcoran Net Worth
Barbara Corcoran Net Worth

In 1994, she successfully used IVF to have a son, Tom. A few years later, she adopted a second child. They have recently settled in Manhattan, where she works and her husband does as well.

Barbara Corcoran Net Worth

Businesswoman, investor, consultant, writer, and TV host Barbara Corcoran has amassed a $100 million fortune in the United States. After joining the cast of “Shark Tank” on ABC in 2009, Corcoran quickly became a household name because of her role as a prominent investor.

She established The Corcoran Group (then known as Corcoran-Simone) in New York City in 1973 and sold it to NRT (National Realty Trust) for $66 million in 2001.

Real Estate

Barbara and Bill bought a 2,700-square-foot Park Avenue apartment for $3.5 million in 2001. They spent $10 million on a penthouse on Fifth Avenue in 2015, and it features 11 rooms, including a sunroom, conservatory, and manicured patio.

How Much Does Barbara Corcoran Make on Shark Tank?

Barb Corcoran reportedly makes $500,000 for every Shark Tank appearance. In addition, she benefited monetarily from the investments she made while taping the show. So far on Shark Tank, Corcoran has backed 36 different startups.

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