Who is the Best Character In Anime Dimensions? Powers Analyzed

Digihind Anime Dimensions Tier List 2022 – Discover the most helpful characters and their abilities in our Anime Dimensions Simulator Tier List Guide. We’ve ranked all of the characters based on their overall strength and in-game strength. Anime Dimension Simulator is a  game that enables players to play their favorite anime characters from several worlds. Many of the most well-known anime worlds are accessible, but players must assume the role of alternative versions of the major characters.

In  Anime Dimensions, no two characters are made equal; everyone has their own style of play, and some are undeniably better than others. Characters’ placements in the Anime Dimensions tier list are determined by their overall particular talents and strength. They are determined by how effectively they function as separate characters.

1. Dimension: Monarch is basically the best for this, with strong aoe, high damage, great mobility, and decent pet energy each hit. Ult works well with help to destroy monsters quickly. A fusion dance was established by nezuko, eren, koku, hirito, giagl, and shadow monarch. Koku is still good for diemention, but it lacks the potential to kill bosses rapidly.

2. Boss rush/speed raid: Nezuko, Eren These two are simply designed to bully monsters in a boss rush, have a spammable ability, are compatible with the majority of pets, and provide fairly substantial pet energy each hit. In my view, Nezuko is somewhat better than Eren for the boss rush, but both provide excellent results when used. Monarch is decent in this phase as well, but you need solid assistance to use his ult, therefore he gets second place.

3. Time challenge: Meta stays the same for it. Wmeg, Gigal, and Broly Essentially, you want a character with a high aoe.

4. Raid: Monarch, Eren, and Nezuko Take the spotlight for this one because of their incredible dmg output. If you have a Kurumi pet, milim and ryuka are also good choices.

5. Support: naruto 6 path, Nezuko, Rukya, [strong dmg but high cooldown- Gigal, Broly.

6. Infinity mode: Monarch High aoe, high mobility, ideal for monsters, Koku Finally, Infinite Gojo because of his Iow cooldown, aoe.

Anime Dimensions

Anime Dimensions Top Tiers, Characters, and Ability List

Characters  Anime Dimensions Tier List
Kodtoki, Alturia S Tier
Zetsu, Meguretsu, Ramura A Tier
Tonjuro, Nojo, Pasta, Fluffy B Tier
Reku, Yakaza, Itabori, Roku  C Tier
Hatsu, Cherry, Kirua D Tier
Ichini, Nardo F Tier

    S Tier Ability – Anime Dimensions Tier List >>

Characters Ability 1 Ability 2 Ability 3 Ability 4
Alturia Mana Burst Flying Slice Cross Slash Excalibur
Kodotoki Fire Wall Fire Fist Ice Wall Freezing Heatwave

      A Tier Ability – Anime Dimensions Tier List >>

Characters Ability 1 Ability 2 Ability 3 Ability 4
Meguretsu Tornado (Flame) Flame Beam Flame Burst Explosion
Zetsu Kiwani Six Fold Flash Thunder God
Ramura Flare Gluttony Black Lightning God’s Wrath

B Tier Ability – Anime Dimensions Tier List >>

Characters Ability 1 Ability 2 Ability 3 Ability 4
Nojo Curtain Red Blue Hollow Purple
Tonjuro Whirlpool Water Wheel Water Slash Flowing Dance
Pasta Black Hurricane Black Meteorite Slash (Black) Divider (Black)
Fluffy Rocket Bazooka Pistol Gatling

C Tier Ability – Anime Dimensions Tier List >>

Characters Ability 1 Ability 2 Ability 3 Ability 4
Yakaza Crush Annihilation Air Explosion Compass
Itabori Black Flash Divergent Fist Rapid Fist Cursed Awakening
Reku Flying Smash Hand Smash Finger Smash Lighting Smash
Roku Ki Beam Ki Blast Rapid Punch Spirit Bomb

D Tier Ability – Anime Dimensions Tier List >>

Characters Ability 1 Ability 2 Ability 3 Ability 4
Cherry Heal Blossom Crush Throw Kunai Blossom Strike
Hatsu Wing Attack Dragon Roar Dragon Fist Blaze
Kirua Whirlwind Lighting Rain Thunder Palm Godspeed

F Tier Ability – Anime Dimensions Tier List >>

Characters Ability 1 Ability 2 Ability 3 Ability 4
Nardo Energy Ball Shadow Clone Throw Kunai Energy Shuriken
Ichini Cross Spin Slash Piercer Soul Piercer

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Tips & Tricks for Anime Dimensions Beginners

  • There is a character test if you are unclear about who the best character is. You may put the characters to the test to discover which is better or which you like.
  • Gold is used to enhance your character cards. You get gold by beating the adversary.
  • You may also utilize the AFK mechanism to get free gold.
  • Gems are used to buy characters and outfits.
  • You may earn gems by performing daily missions, completing maps, and afking.
  • Check your character cards before selling them. Some cards may be of the same level yet superior to others. After you’ve upgraded your character, you may check which subs are the greatest.

Anime Dimensions

While in maps, there are many modes to choose from. Easy, difficult, and nightmare. There is also an option to pick hardcore when performing these. Remember that you only have one life.  If you are offline or in a timed challenge, your boosts do not count down.

FAQ: Anime Dimensions

Which anime character is the best?

Kodotoki is the finest character in anime dimensions.

What is the most powerful character in the anime dimensions simulator?

S Class characters are very powerful in anime dimensions, according to the tier list.


This was our Anime Dimensions Tier List, which may help you select the greatest characters in the game to help you get stronger and have more fun. It’s important to note that only characters in the C tier and above are worth selecting. Don’t overlook the lower tiers, since they may also get incentives. After obtaining all of the major characters, gamers must concentrate on the smaller characters. We hope you like our Anime Dimensions Tier List article.

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