Black Clover Episode 17: Is There Going to be Black Clover Episode 171?

I get that you want specifics about Black Clover Episode 171. Here you will learn specifics about Black Clover Episode 171. After four seasons of airing, the Black Clover anime finally got a special announcement about the film’s production, which came out rather recently. The show’s future is up in the air at this point.

Everyone is aware that the Black Clover anime has temporarily stopped airing, but no one knows when Episode 171 will be made available. Now that we have your interest, we will go on to describe Episode 171 of Black Clover.

Black Clover Episode 171: Release Date

Episode 171 of Black Clover is planned for 2024, as we’ve mentioned before. Fans of Black Clover have been waiting eagerly for the premiere of the 171st episode ever since the previous episode aired.

Black Clover Episode 171: Storyline

Asta and Yuno were both abandoned as children at the same church, and the two have been inseparable ever since. They made a pact as children to compete against one another for the title of Wizard King. However, the gaps in their abilities became glaringly apparent as they matured. Asta, on the other hand, lacked any magical abilities and tried to make up for this by putting in as much physical training as he could. In contrast to Asta, who lacked any magical abilities, Yuno was a wizard in both the control and power of his magic.

Both Yuno and Asta received their Grimoires at the age of 15, but Yuno was surprised to find that he had a sign of four intertwined leaves, while Asta was the only one who did not receive a Grimoire. But when Yuno’s life was in danger, Asta’s true strength was revealed, and he was given a Grimoire in the shape of a five-leaf clover (also called a “black clover”). After finishing their preparations, the two friends are prepared to embark on an adventure together.

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Black Clover Episode 171: Cast and Character

Character Japanese Voice Cast English Voice Cast
Asta Gakuto Kajiwara Dallas Reid
Noelle Silva Kana Yuuki Jill Harris
Yuno Nobunaga Shimazaki Micah Solusod
Gauche Adlai Satoshi Hino Dave Trosko
Marie Adlai Hitomi Sasaki Apphia Yu
Gordon Agrippa Kenichirou Matsuda Mike McFarland
Jonna Agrippa Kenichirou Matsuda Mike McFarland
Nathan Agrippa Kenichirou Matsuda Mike McFarland
Paulie Angel Wakana Kowaka Jessica Cavanagh

Where Can I Watch Black Clover Episode 171?

As the 171st episode of the Black Clover anime series airs, viewers are looking for alternative ways to catch up. The good news is that there are numerous strategies that can be employed to achieve this objective. If you want to see it first, Crunchyroll is the place to go. Two, you can check it out on Your third choice is to watch it on Anime Lab. The fourth choice is to stream it on Netflix.


There was a lot of anticipation for Black Clover Episode 171. All the latest information on when new episodes of Black Clover will air has been included in this article. The latest information on Black Clover Episode 171 is now available to you.

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