Blackout Netflix: To What Extent Does John Cain Learn His True Identity In “Blackout?” What Was Inside The Case?

Blackout Netflix: I’d like to see a picture of Marsellus Wallace. In “Pulp Fiction,” Jules Winnfield asks this of Brett. The case Jules and Vincent Vega have been looking for has been found in a kitchen closet. When Vincent opens the door to the possibility, a bright golden light fills his face.

Vincent’s answer comes from Jules’s mouth: “Are we happy?” Vincent says with a smile, “Yes, we’re happy.” Our main point is that you only need a few great examples to show that a case is important. This exchange is one of the most well-known parts of the movie.

And only a small group of people are curious about what happened to an important missing case. Even though “Blackout” lasts about 90 minutes, it doesn’t do its job and make the audience feel like “the case” is as important as it should be.

The main way the case-based plot moves forward is through the characters’ actions and reactions, which get boring after a while. John Cain (Josh Duhamel), who wears an all-black suit, is the only reason we see the end credits.

There are many more things to talk about after watching the movie. But first, let’s find out what happened in “Blackout.”

What Is The Plot Of Blackout?

Ethan McCoy (Nick Nolte) of the DEA is looking for Cain in a burned-down house. Since he has no idea where Cain is, he gives the order to find him wherever he is. At the same time, John Cain wakes up in a hospital in Mexico. He doesn’t remember who he is or how he got there. Anna, who is played by Abbie Cornish, says she is his wife and stays with him.

Also, he says he has a friend named Eddie (Omar Chaparro). Eddie tells him that he can get his memory back. Then he goes to see the doctor who is taking care of Cain and tells the doctor that he will kill his family if Cain’s memories aren’t brought back. As Cain’s memory slowly comes back, he realizes that people aren’t always what they seem to be. On Netflix, you can also read about Midnight Club.

There are people who want to kill him in the hospital. He finds out that he was carrying a case that they needed at the time they were taking care of him in the hospital. He took the money from General Montejo, who was in charge of the army and to who all the cartels had to answer, and then he vanished.

Eddie has been trying to give him medicines to help him remember where the case is since he got to the hospital. After McCoy tells him he works for the DEA, the man is getting ready. Anna tells him that the CIA tried to get him to work for them. Will John Cain be able to come out of his “blackout” despite attempts to kill him and a flood of new information?

Who is John Cain?

John Cain has trouble remembering things, which makes it harder for him to judge the people around him. It’s a new beginning, but he’s not a baby and doesn’t need to learn everything all over again. A person who has lost their memories can still speak their native language and is fully aware of their surroundings and culture. Only their sense of who they are is gone.

Cain had the same thing happen to him. It’s hard for him to come out of his “blackout” because his brain is full of all the information he learned as an agent, but he has to bury it because of the accident he was in. The movie doesn’t do what it says it will do because it focuses on how Cain remembers instead of what’s in the case. But Cain’s memory isn’t brought back either.

Things that led to him being in this situation are becoming clear to him. His history with Eddie and Ethan is only known to viewers. Anna is a CIA agent, so it’s a shame that we don’t even get to meet her. Because of this, Cain’s realization at the end of the movie that Anna is, in fact, his wife, has no point.

The movie would have done better if it had shown more of Cain’s past, like how he got involved with the cartel and Anna. Eddie tells Cain that he knew Cain was a DEA agent because McCoy had already told Cain, and that he and Cain had agreed to “act” as DEA agents in order to take the case to General Montejo. Here, you can find out when 1899 will be on Netflix.

Anna finds out that John Cain is a DEA agent, but that the CIA hired him to get the case back. So, it’s hard to tell what Cain’s original plan was for the situation. He either gave it to the CIA or he and Eddie took it. How he thinks about it now has changed a lot, and he acts more on instinct than on purpose.

What Happened In Blackout?

Anna gets the case from the doctor’s office in the end. We also find out that the doctor helped Cain because he erased his memory so Eddie and the others couldn’t kill him. At the end of “Blackout,” the case has “the names and addresses of the Illuminati” and “the puppeteers and the puppets…” who run the world.

The things inside the case sound interesting, but we don’t get to see any of them. Even McCoy seems to be a bad person who is trying to steal the case. The movie shows what’s in the case and how different groups want it to explain the struggle for power. Anna tells Cain that the chance is important because “it’s about the order.”

Since information equals power in the modern world, a single person with such information, which Anna says can “destroy the government,” is a major threat to international stability and could lead to widespread chaos. Cain’s withdrawal from society made them less powerful. Why? Maybe he realized how dangerous it could be if it got into the wrong hands.

Cain got lucky because his doctor put it somewhere no one would look unless they tried, which is exactly what Anna did. At the end of the movie, Anna and Cain get away with the case after killing McCoy’s men. McCoy is also shot by Cain, but he only gets a small scratch. The ending of “Blackout” is open-ended because it is not clear what Cain and Anna will do with the case.

It shouldn’t be up to one group alone. These things should be thrown away unless there is a safe place to keep them until it is time to use them again. In Sam Macaroni’s drama/thriller “Blackout,” which will come out in 2022, there will be a blackout.

Blackout’s Cast And Release Date

The principal photography session started on November 5th, 2020 in Mexico City. On October 12, 2022, the movie became available to watch on Netflix. Cain is played by Josh Duhamel, and Anna is played by Abbie Cornish.

  • Ethan McCoy, played by Nick Nolte, DEA Agent
  • Omar Chaparro
  • Bárbara de Regil
  • Jose Sefami
  • Hernan Del Riego


Blackout is a 2022 American action crime thriller film directed by Sam Macaroni and starring Josh Duhamel, Abbie Cornish, Nick Nolte, and Omar Chaparro. On November 5, 2020, production kicked up in Mexico City to begin the filming process. On October 12, 2022, the movie became available on Netflix.

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