Blueface Net Worth: Know About His Legal Issues And Personal Life!

Blueface Net Worth: American rapper Jonathan Porter is better known by his stage name, Blueface or Blueface Bleedem. Since his song “Respect My Crypn” became an internet sensation, he has gained widespread notoriety for his very high voice and eccentric rapping technique. Ever since then, Porter’s unique style of rap has been a crowd-pleaser.

Drake, Lil Uzi Vert, and Quavo are just a few of the famous artists he’s collaborated with before. The youthful performer has a distinctive sound, earning him comparisons to such artists as California’s Suga Free and E-40 and the South’s Silkk the Shocker and Juvenile.

While Blueface has gained a great deal of success in the music industry, he still has many goals he hopes to accomplish. Many people appreciate him not only because of his remarkable voice but also because of his remarkable fashion sense.

The American rap star is covered in tattoos, each of which tells a different part of his life story. Franklin’s “signature,” a tattoo of the Benjamin symbol on his cheek, is by far the most identifiable.

Blueface Net Worth
Blueface Net Worth

Blueface Early Life

Blueface, or Jonathan Michael Porter, was born on January 20, 1997, in Los Angeles, California. Originally from the Santa Clarita Valley, he uprooted to attend high school in the San Fernando Valley’s Arleta campus.

There was a time when he and his dad lived together in Oakland. In high school, he was a member of both the football team and the marching band.

In 2014, he led the team as the starting quarterback as they won the East Valley League championship. After finishing high school, he went to Fayetteville State University in Fayetteville, North Carolina, for a while. You may also read Dave Chappelle’s Net Worth

Blueface Career

He first performed under the stage name “Blueface Bleedem” in January 2017. The name was likely chosen as a reference to the rival street gang, the School Yard Crips. As the story goes, he was discovered when he went to a recording session to retrieve a phone charger for a friend.

Before he left the studio, he was challenged to a rap battle. The completed work, titled “Deadlocs,” was uploaded to SoundCloud, where it garnered a small but dedicated following. In June of 2018, he dropped his debut studio album as “Blueface,” a shortened version of his former stage name.

Changing the album’s title to “Dead Locs” increased its profile in the region. The CD also featured the original version of his hit tune “Thotiana.” Blueface signed with Birdman and his Cash Money Records label in 2018, with the West Coast branch known as Cash Money West.

After being re-mixed with Cardi B and YG, the song reached the top spot on the US R&B/Hip-Hop chart, as well as the top 9 in New Zealand, the top 12 in Canada, and the top 17 in the UK. Blueface released his 2018 mixtape Two Coccy. Along with this, you can check another related article Ric Ocasek’s Net Worth

Blueface has collaborated with artists such as G-Eazy, French Montana, Lil Tjay, and NLE Choppa. His debut album, titled “Find the Beat,” came out in March 2020. In the United States, it reached position #63 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Blueface Personal Life

Blueface is a parent of two offspring. Before breaking into the music industry, he spent the majority of his adult life unemployed, though he did have a few odd jobs here and there.

Legal Issues

In the month of November 2019, Blueface was the target of an attempted robbery at a petrol station. As the car drove away, Blueface fired his gun several times. In the state of California, it is against the law to fire a moving vehicle if the occupants are inside.

He was imprisoned, but since no charges were brought against him, he was eventually freed. In February of this year (2019), he was arrested on suspicion of illegally possessing a firearm after police found one in his possession.

Blueface Net Worth

An estimated $4 million is Blueface’s wealth. American rapper and singer Blueface. In 2018, he became an internet sensation after releasing a music video for the song “Respect My Crypn.” His 2019 track “Thotiana,” which features Cardi B and YG, is now his most successful. It reached #8 on the Billboard Hot 100.

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