Chrisean Rock Apologises to Blueface and Talks About His Struggles With Mental Health

In an apology message to Blueface and to her fans, Chrisean Rock discussed the difficulties she had been having with her mental health. After getting into a public argument with Blue on Twitter, Chrisean Rock issued an apology to both her family and Blueface. After receiving criticism for the most recent episode of Crazy in Love, Chrisean Rock and Blueface lashed out at each other with a string of insults on Wednesday.

During Chrisean Rock’s visit with Blueface’s family, the rapper and his brother almost got into a fight when they came into physical contact with each other. At that point, Chrisean leveled the accusation that Blueface was continually bringing her down and ignoring her mental health.

After their most recent altercation, Chrisean sent out a disturbing message in which she discussed her struggle with depression in an open and honest manner. To begin, she issued an apology to Blueface and all of her fans.

“I only ask that everyone pray for me at this time. I immediately took to social media to address this issue because, in all honesty, I value my followers and strive to maintain an open and honest relationship with them. “She wrote that she hoped that her darkness would be someone else’s light.

Chrisean went on to explain that she has, in the past, struggled with depression and attempted self-harm. As a result, she stated that these experiences caused her to pull away from her family.

She continued, “I love God so much, I want to be in heaven so badly, and I hate myself because maybe if I was a better person, life wouldn’t make me feel like this.” Because I keep telling myself that I can do better, there are times when I don’t put my mother and my family first. When I’m better, I’ll be able to love them, but right now, I’m under a dark cloud, and it’s trying to consume me.

She went on to admit that she had started drinking more as a consequence of her depression as well as the significant amount of media attention that she has received in the recent past. Christian also admitted that the drinking had a significant negative impact on the relationship that she had with Blueface.

The rapper, who referred to himself as a “proud father,” praised Chrisean for accepting responsibility for her actions and offering his congratulations. According to what he wrote, “Admitting you have a problem and reflecting on wrong decisions is the first step toward fixing a problem.” “This is the best thing ever, and there is no victim role here. This is what is meant by accountability.

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