Chrisean Rock Net Worth: What’s Her Relationship Status?

Chrisean Rock is a popular and well-known American singer, musician, dancer, and songwriter. He is also known for his dance moves. She is well-known for the incredible songs that she has released as well as the lifestyle posts that she has made on Instagram. Additionally, Chrisean has a channel on the video-sharing website YouTube. She is also well-known on Instagram due to her modeling career.

What Is The Net Worth Of Chrisean Rock?

Chrisean Rock is the name of an American musician, model, and YouTuber who goes by his name. In addition to this, she is the very first artist to ever sign with the label owned by Blueface. Chrisean Rock has a net worth of $2 million as of the beginning of the year 2023.

Relationship of Chrisean Rock

Chrisean Rock is employed by Jonathan Porter, better known by his stage name Blueface, who is also a well-known rapper and singer. Chrisean Rock and Blueface are currently dating. It is unknown when they first started dating, but the fact that their relationship has been on-and-off throughout the years has caused a lot of controversies.

Chrisean Rock vs. Blueface

The altercation that took place outside of Scottsdale’s Whiskey Row club on August 21, 2022, was filmed by a bystander who saw it take place. In the footage, Chrisean could be seen punching Blueface in the face multiple times.

Chrisean allegedly forced her way past security and into the bar, where she was then detained on misdemeanor charges of criminal trespass and disorderly conduct. Chrisean is accused of forcing her way past security and into the bar.

Chrisean Rock Net Worth: Career

Chrisean Rock started her own channel on YouTube in February of 2018, where she initially shared video blogs. There are currently 175,000 people who are subscribed, and 7.9 million people have viewed the content. Her music video for the song “Vibe” is currently the video on her own YouTube channel that has received the most views.

She is also well known for her use of the social media platform Instagram, where she is known for posting photos of herself modeling as well as lifestyle vlogs. As of the time this article was written, there are 2.4 million people who follow Chrisean’s account. Her first steps in the music industry were spent writing songs and singing them. In the year 2020, she released her single titled “Lonely.”

The vibe, Word to My Brother, Rainy Days, and Keep Swimming feat. Blueface is the title of the musician’s subsequent four singles that were released in the future. She also became a member of Blueface’s record label, which is known as “Blueface LLC,” and she made an appearance on Blueface’s reality show, “Blue Girls Club,” which is a spinoff of “Bad Girls Club.”

Chrisean Rock is now a participant on the game show Ultimate Tag, which airs on FOX and features competition. She impressed everyone with her athletic ability and ended up winning the grand prize of $10,000.

Chrisean Rock is a man with a good eye for style. As a direct consequence of this, Ethika and Fashion Nova have both decided to appoint her as their official brand spokesperson. She also started her career as a model and has done work for a variety of cosmetic companies.

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Chrisean Rock Net Worth: Education

Chrisean Rock graduated from Brainerd High School in Brainerd, Minnesota, where she had spent her elementary school years. After that, she embarked on a career path that included both modeling and music. She started attending Santa Monica College in 2018 and graduated with an Associate’s Degree in Kinesiology and Exercise Science in 2020. In addition to that, she was a phenomenal track runner in her conference.

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