Cirdan Heughan Biography, Life history & Details !! May 2022 Updates

You may have heard of Sam Hueghan, the star of Outlander! His older brother, Cirdan Heughan, resembles him. But, who precisely is Cirdan? Learn about his terrible life.

Cirdan Heughan’s Distinctive Name

Cirdan Heughan grew up in the Scottish Highlands, specifically at Balmaclellan, Dumfries, and Galloway. He has a pleasant life with his siblings. Cirdan’s parents were members of Gandalf’s Garden, a London hippie commune highly inspired by J. R. R. Tolkien‘s works.

Instead of utilizing severe drugs, the hippie movement championed psychedelica and meditation as solutions to all problems. Cirdan Heughan and his younger brother, Sam Heughan, were named after characters from The Lord of the Rings by their parents, who were inspired by Tolkien.

Cirdan is a character in J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Lord of the Rings”; he was an elf who served as Lord of the Falathrim after the First Age and was regarded as one of the elves with the greatest insight and knowledge. Here’s a Picture showing their brother bond

Cirdan heughan

Early Difficulty

Because his father abandoned the family while his children were small, his mother, Chrissie Heughan, raised him alone, without the assistance of anybody else. Chrissie had to work a variety of jobs in order to meet the needs of her children. She worked so hard to provide for her children and provide them with the greatest possible life.

Chrissie finished her studies at a neighboring school in her hometown before enrolling at and graduating from Edinburgh College of Art in 1995. Mrs. Heughan also studied Art and Design, and Fine Art at Dumfries and Galloway College of Technology.

The mother of two has established herself as a superb artist. She began working as a professional artist and freelance instructor within a week of receiving her college diploma. She joined the Society of Scottish Artists soon after having adequate experience and began teaching at Edinburgh College of Art in 2012.

Cirdan Heughan’s mother has now received several awards from different organizations as a consequence of her efforts.

Education and Professional Development

Cirdan, on the other hand, practically grew up with his famous younger brother, Sam Heughan. He is British and of Caucasian White heritage. Both siblings are quite close. They had always been there for each other in times of financial hardship since they were children, and their mother had always taught them how to save money.

Cirdan Heughan, according to his academic record, attended Kells Primary School. In contrast to his younger brother, Sam, he was an ordinary student. Sam went to Kells Primary School as well. Every day, he accompanied his elder brother, Cirdan, to school.

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When he relocated to Edinburgh at the age of twelve, he attended James Gillespie’s High School for a year before continuing his education at the Edinburgh Rudolf Steiner School until the end of his sixth year. Sam subsequently joined the theatre and began participating in plays, where he got much exposure and inspiration to pursue a career as an actor.

Soon before graduating in 2002, Sam Heughan was one of four students chosen to represent RSAMD in the BBC Carlton Hobbs radio talent competition. Sam has already appeared in many films and television shows. Outlander, A Princess of Christmas, Plague Over England, Romeo and Juliet, and a slew of other notable productions have all included him.

Vicki, Cirdan Heughan’s wife

Cirdan is said to be married to his long-time lover, Victoria Lawson or Vicki. The couple exchanged wedding vows in front of close friends and family members in a short ceremony. They’ve been married for a year and have a kid. He loves to spend quality time with his beloved wife.

Cirdan Heughan

Cancer Battle

Cirdan was diagnosed with testicular cancer in 2008 and had surgery to eradicate it. According to reports, Cirdan fully recovered after surgery, but it motivated Sam to use his celebrity for good as well. He is quite active in supporting cancer-fighting organizations and continually emphasizes the need for regular check-ups for men.

Since then, the Heughans have been heavily active with cancer-related organizations, collecting funds and contributing to cancer patients on an annual basis.

Cirdan and Sam’s Parental Relationship

The Heughan boys resented their father for leaving them and their mother to a life of poverty, with their mother working days and nights. Cirdan Heughan and his brother Sam, on the other hand, reconnected with their father in 2014, when he was living on a Canadian island until his death from Leukemia.

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Although Sam dislikes mentioning his father in general, he claimed that the kilts in Outlander reminded him of his late father when writing Clanlands, the companion novel to his series, Men in Kilts. “My father’s kilt, which I got after he died when I was filming Season One of Outlander in 2014,” he said. I haven’t gotten around to wearing it yet.”

“It’s MacDonald,” he said, “since our family descended from the MacDonalds, and it comes with a basic but well-worn brown leather sporran.” “I’ll honor him one day by wearing it – only need to shed some weight first, he was really slim!” Sam concluded the conversation.

Cirdan Heughan Steps Into the Light

Cirdan Heughan rose to prominence when his brother, Sam Heughan, mentioned him on his social media account, drawing attention to him. The brothers compete in marathons and other thrilling activities. They want to stay fit by living a healthy lifestyle. Despite the fact that Sam is quite active on social media, his elder brother Cirdan avoids it; yet, both brothers have a common passion.

They like hiking, riding motorcycles, and cycling. They go on excursions to relaxing. Cirdan enjoys his solitary treks to the hills and trails more than Sam.

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