Cobra Kai Season 6 Release Date: Is Season 6 of Cobra Kai in The Works?

Cobra Kai, a popular American comedy-drama series, is a follow-up to Robert Mark Kamen’s The Karate Kid movies. The series, developed by Josh Heald, Jon Hurwitz, and Hayden Schlossberg, is distributed by Sony Pictures Television. With the third season, the show moved to Netflix from YouTube Red/Premium.

There are still more stories to be told in the Miyagi-verse, and the creators have no plans to go quietly into the night. In the climactic fifth season of Cobra Kai, Daniel (Ralph Macchio) crane-kicked Terry Silver (Thomas Ian Griffith) into oblivion, bringing an end to Silver’s evil reign over the Valley.

It’s time to solve the mystery of Cobra Kai Season 6. After the dust settled between rival groups, the children were left to form their own friendships. However, the tranquility will not last long, as John Kreese (Martin Kove) has broken out of prison with a long list of grudges to settle.

Cobra Kai Season6: Release Date

Despite the lack of an announced premiere date, Season 6 of Cobra Kai appears to be returning. Creator Jon Hurwitz told Variety that there is more story to tell and that the production is still working out the details, which is understandable given that Hurwitz, Heald, and Schlossberg are all working on multiple Netflix shows at once.

Spencer plans a spectacular Christmas party as a way to bring him and Olivia closer together; Jordan receives news about his hand but doesn’t know what to do; Coop feels replaced when Laura makes a change in the workplace. Don’t freak out! Season 6 of Cobra Kai appears to be on the horizon, but we may have to wait a while before we get a release date.

Cobra Kai Season 6: Cast

Daniel LaRusso doesn’t exist without his best friend Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka). Remember to also welcome back the rest of the famous Cobra Kai Season 6 cast. To name a few: Yuji Okumoto as Chozen, Courtney Henggeler as Amanda LaRusso, Vanessa Rubio as Carmen, Xolo Mariduea as Miguel Diaz, Tanner Buchanan as Robby Keene, Mary Mouser as Samantha LaRusso, Jacob Bertrand as Hawk, Peyton List as Tory Nichols, Gianni DeCenzo as Demetri.

In Season 6 of Cobra Kai, Ralph Macchio and William Zabka return to their roles as Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence, respectively, from the films The Karate Kid (1984) and The Karate Kid Part II (1986). (1988). (1989). After his dramatic release from jail in the season five finale, Kreese actor Martin Kove would play a larger role in a potential sixth season of Cobra Kai.

Cobra Kai Season 6 Release Date
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The Karate Kid characters, including Kreese, who faked his own death to escape prison, will be making a comeback this season after the shocking events of the previous one. Silver’s “no-lose” mentality makes it seem like this might not be the end of the road for him professionally.

Silver had already entered Cobra Kai into the world championship Sekai Taikai karate tournament, which sensei Kim Da-Eun (Alicia Hannah-Kim) had promised her father she would win before he defeated her. As a result, we find it hard to believe that she won’t come back to keep her word.

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Warning: Season 6 of Cobra Kai Spoilers is Ahead!

Season 5 implied that this international karate competition would feature the world’s top martial artists, putting the students of Cobra Kai and Miyagi-Do up against some new competition. Season 5 also features a determined Kim pursuing worldwide recognition for the martial art developed by her family. Due to the demotion of Silver, her closest ally, and Kreese’s successful prison break, a new supervillain group may soon emerge.

Turns out, fans had good reason to be worried. Many of the characters’ eventual satisfaction with “We did it” was an appealing concept to us. Everything has ended. Hayden told the magazine, “Cobra Kai is over.” Meanwhile, “the ultimate Cobra Kai snake” is fuming with wrath, as the saying goes.

All of the episodes from the first five seasons of Cobra Kai can be viewed on Netflix right now. When season 6 of the drama, Cobra Kai, premieres on Netflix, only Netflix members will be able to watch it.

After a rigged victory at the 2019 All-Valley Karate Tournament and Kreese’s arrest after Silver frames him for attempted murder, Silver has taken over as leader of Cobra Kai, which Daniel and Johnny continue to try to bring down in the fifth season.

Chozen Toguchi and Mike Barnes, two of Daniel’s enemies in the past, agree to help. These central connections drive the story, as Daniel and Johnny’s inability to move on from the past causes friction in their relationships.

Cobra Kai Season 6: Trailer

The new Cobra Kai Season 6 trailer and footage have not yet been made available to the public. But we’ll be here ready to pounce whenever the snake strikes. Don’t let anything happen to the egg! Please revisit this page, as we will update you as soon as we receive new details. Cobra Kai fans have been so invested in the show that they have even made their own trailers for Season 6.

Series Name

Cobra Kai Season 6

Star cast

Ralph Macchio, Zabka, William, Henggeler, Courtney, Mariduea, Xolo, Buchanan, Tanner, Mouser, Mary

Bertrand, Jacob, DeCenzo, Gianni, Vanessa Rubio Thomas Martin Kove Peyton List Griffith, Ian Young, Dallas Dupree


Josh Heald, Jon Hurwitz, Hayden Schlossberg

Music By

Leo Birenberg, Zach Robinson

Production Company

Hurwitz & Schlossberg Productions, Overbrook Entertainment 

Heald Productions, Counterbalance Entertainment, Westbrook Studios, Sony Pictures Television Studios

Release Date

Not Declared

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The internet’s awash with famous, exclusive quotes from the Cobra Kai Series. Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg, the show’s co-creators, have dropped hints about what we might see in the future and which characters and events might play a major role in Season 6 of Cobra Kai. Is season 6 of Cobra Kai in the works? While there may not be any concrete information just yet, there is a lot to take in as the Netflix show winds down.

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