Control Z Season 3, Release Date Status, Cast, Plot And Trailer

High school drama in Spanish Carlos Quintanilla Sakar and Adriana Pelusi are the ones who came up with the idea for Control Z. Since it is a Mexican show that was first shown in Spanish, it has been changed to English.

There are 16 episodes in each of the two seasons. The show will start on Netflix in May of 2020. Also, the second season of the show will start on August 4, 2021. It will be renewed on May 29th, according to the sources. Alejandro Lozano is in charge of the direction.

At an assembly, one of the teens who hacks at Colegio Nacional tells the secrets of another student. Even though it hasn’t been proven, the student is thought to be a non-disclosure. The hacker with no name keeps letting out student secrets. Because Season 2 was so suspenseful.

Control Z Season 3 Cast

Netflix has yet to provide formal confirmations or a cast list for Control Z Season 3, but we can confirm that the cast from the previous seasons will return this time as well.

  • Alex- Samantha Acuna  ( born December 12, 1944, known professionally as Alex Acuña, is a Peruvian-American drummer and percussionist. )
  • Natalia- Macarena Garcua Romero (  born on October 26, 2000, in Mexico City, Mexico. Coming from a line of renowned Mexican actresses, she is the daughter of actress Amairani Romero.)
  • Dario- Ivan Ponce
  • Ernesto- Xabiani Ponce de Leon (born 6 November 1993,is a Mexican actor and singer. He portrays Ernesto on Netflix’s Control Z. )
  • Rosa- Paty Maqueo
  • Migule Quintanilla- Rodrigo Cachero
  • Bruno- Mauro Sanchez Navarro
  • Valeria- Kariam Castro
  • Regina- Ariana Saavedra
control z season 3
control z season 3
  • Sofia Herrera- Ana Valeria Becerril
  • Javier William- Michael Ronda
  • Raul Leon- Yankel Stevan
  • Isabela de la Fuente- Zion Moreno
  • Maria Alexander- Fiona Paloma
  • Pablo Garcia- Andres Baida
  • Gerardo- Patricio Gallardo
  • Luis- Luis Curiel

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Control Z Season 3 Plot

In one of Mexico’s cities, there is a school called Colegio Nacional. It is one of the usual schools where people of different races and ethnicities go to school. Things at school stay the same until one day, when a hacker decides to mess things up.

This hacker tells everyone at school a secret about one of the students, which makes them look very bad. The student was a secret transgender, and neither they nor their friends were happy to find out. In the same way, the hacker keeps letting other students’ secrets out. This makes a lot of noise at school because it turns the students against each other. When their dark secrets were out in the open, nobody could trust anyone, and friends turned into enemies.

Sofia Herrera is shy and one of the school’s students whose secret hasn’t been told yet. She wants to find out who the hacker really is and let the public know. Control Z is her story about how she tries to figure out what is going on behind the computer screen and why it is causing problems at Colegio Nacional.

Control Z Season 3 Recap

In the season 2 recap of Control Z, Natalia does her best to explain her situation to Javier, but he doesn’t believe her. Even though she tried to keep them together, he decided to break up with her and left. Natalia is worried about this because today is the last day to turn in the money.

The end of the season is very sad and scary. Susana falls off the edge of the roof and hits the ground when things get crazy on the roof. She ends up dying, and students on the roof watch her bleed out in horror while others are shocked.

Control Z Season 3 Release Date

It has been confirmed that the programme has been renewed for a third season on Netflix. The release date for Control Z season 3 has also been announced, and it’s set for sometime in 2022. There will definitely be a Season 3 for the programme, as promised.

The show’s episode count is likely to remain consistent with previous seasons. There will be 8 episodes total, and each one will run about 50 minutes. Likely, Netflix will adhere to this practise, as it has become something of a norm for the company.

Since the hubbub at school hasn’t subsided, more children are at risk now that the truths are out. Whatever misfortunes strike them next season will have to wait, but that shouldn’t stop us from finding out about them now.

Control Z Season 3 Trailer

Netflix has revealed the first trailer for the third and final season of the Spanish-language series ‘Control Z.’ The drama and thriller series ‘Control Z’ Season 3 will release on July 6, 2022, on Netflix, worldwide.

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