Danny Elfman Net Worth: Is Danny and Bridget Fonda Still Together?

Danny Elfman Net Worth: One of the most famous composers in the film industry is Daniel Robert Elfman, an American who works in a variety of genres. His iconic scores for “The Simpsons” and “Batman” from 1989 remain popular today. In the 1980s, he became known as a musician thanks to his performances with the rock band “Oingo Boingo.”

He became well-known in the film-music industry after scoring several films directed by Tim Burton. His work includes some of the most iconic scores for film and television.

Be it “Beetlejuice” (1988), “Batman” (1989), “The Nightmare Before Christmas” (1993), “Good Will Hunting” (1997; Oscar-nominated) or “Men in Black” (1997), he composed the score for both (1997).

Elfman has garnered prominence as an orchestral composer in addition to his work as a composer for motion movies. As a musician, he has performed in concert halls all throughout the United States and Europe. Elfman’s rise from playing in a local band to becoming a household name is nothing short of incredible.

Danny Elfman Net Worth
Danny Elfman Net Worth

Danny Elfman Early Life

Danny Robert Elfman was born on May 29, 1953, in Los Angeles, California. A writer and educator mother, a schoolteacher father, and an actor, journalist, and musician brother raised him in a Jewish household.

Elfman spent most of his childhood in the Baldwin Hills neighbourhood movie theatre, where he saw horror, science fiction, and fantasy films and was exposed to the music of Franz Waxman and Bernard Herrmann for the first time.

In elementary school, Danny was told he “had no inclination for music,” so he wasn’t allowed to join the school symphony. However, in high school, he met some others who shared his passion and was soon listening to jazz and Stravinsky. You may also read Devon Aoki’s Net Worth

With his early high school diploma in hand, Elfman set off on a trip across the world. After joining his brother Richard in France, he performed on violin with the musical theatre troupe Le Grand Magic Circus. He then set off on a 10-month trip across Africa, where he contracted the disease twice.

Richard informed Danny on his second day back at home, “You’re the musical director.” Feeling quite terrible and want to go home,” A group of street performers called The Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo was founded by Richard.

I’m conscious that your hepatitis means you probably won’t be active for a couple of weeks. But if you start paying attention, you might actually learn something! Elfman worked with the Indonesian music programme at CalArts for a few years, both playing and attending seminars, although he never enrolled.

Danny Elfman Career

The Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo performed all over Los Angeles in venues and on the streets until Richard left in the late ’70s to focus on his filmmaking. Richard’s film “Forbidden Zone,” based on the band’s live performances, features music and a score composed by Danny.

Due to Richard’s departure and Danny’s leadership, the Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo morphed into the new-wave band Oingo Boingo. The band released eight albums between 1981 and 1994. The film and TV series both had the title tune “Weird Science,” which was a hit from the album “Dead Man’s Party” in 1985.

Elfman’s filmography includes “Back to School” (1986), “Wisdom” (1986), “Summer School” (1987), “Beetlejuice” (1988), “Midnight Run” (1988), “Big Top Pee-wee” (1988), and “Pee-Big wee’s Adventure” (1985), which was directed by Tim Burton and starred Paul Reubens (an Oingo Boingo enthusiast) (1988).

For his contributions to the scores of “Batman” (1989) and “Batman Returns,” he was awarded a Grammy (1992). Danny created the scores for 25 films throughout the 1990s (including “Nightbreed,” “Dick Tracy,” “Darkman,” and “Edward Scissorhands”) and 1999 (including “Instinct,” “Anywhere but Here,” and “Sleepy Hollow”).

All 10 songs in “The Nightmare Before Christmas” and his voice were used for Jack Skellington in the film. Elfman composed the scores for all four “Men in Black” sequels (the first in 1997, the second in 2002, the third in 2012, and the fourth and most recent in 2019).

The score from the first film in the series earned him a Grammy nomination. Music from his films in the first decade of the 2000s earned him Grammy nods. These include “Planet of the Apes,” “Spider-Man,” “Big Fish,” and others.

He also composed the music for “Milk” (2008), “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” (2005), “Charlotte’s Web” (2006), “Hellboy II: The Golden Army” (2008), and “Terminator Salvation” (2009). (2009).

Elfman composed the scores for the films Alice in Wonderland, Dark Shadows, Frankenweenie, and Silver Linings Playbook, as well as Oz: The Great and Powerful, Epic, and American Hustle.

All three “Fifty Shades of Grey” films include his original score (2015–2019). Around the same time, he also wrote the music for “Avengers: Age of Ultron,” “Goosebumps,” “Alice Through the Looking Glass,” “The Girl on the Train,” “Justice League,” “The Grinch,” “Dumbo,” “Dolittle,” and “The Woman in the Window” (2021). (2021).

Danny has produced theme songs and scored episodes of a wide range of television shows, beginning with an “Alfred Hitchcock Presents” episode directed by Tim Burton in 1985.

In 1986, he scored four episodes of “Pee-Playhouse” wee’s and is credited with composing the themes for “Sledge Hammer!” (1986), “Tales from the Crypt” (1989), and “Beetlejuice: The Animated Series.” (1989).

Elfman received a Primetime Emmy for his work on “Desperate Housewives” in 2005 and was nominated for “The Simpsons” theme in 1989.

The main title and end credits for “Batman: The Animated Series,” as well as the scores for “The Flash” (1990), “Family Dog” (1993), “Perversions of Science,” and “Dilbert” (1999), were composed by him (1992).

Together with Chris Bacon, Danny composed the score for the 2017 miniseries “When We Rise,” and Danny’s theme song was used in the 2005 TV series “Point Pleasant.”

The Carnegie Hall performance of “Serenada Schizophrana” (2005) and the Royal Albert Hall performance of “Danny Elfman’s Music from the Films of Tim Burton” (2007) are only two examples of the many live performances of his works (2013). Along with this Sinbad Net Worth is also a trending topic.

In 2020, Elfman released his debut single, “Happy.” Five further singles, “Love in the Time of COVID,” “Sorry,” “True,” “Kick Me,” and “Insects,” were then published in early 2021. Elfman dropped his Big Mess album on June 11, 2021.

Danny Elfman Personal Life

Danny dated Sonic Youth singer, guitarist, and bassist Kim Gordon while they were teenagers. Later, he wed Geri Eisenmenger, and the pair produced two daughters: Lola (born in 1979) and Mali (born in 1984).

After separating from Eisenmenger, Elfman married Bridget Fonda on November 29, 2003; the couple had a son, Oliver, on January 21, 2005. Danny’s nephew is the actor Bodhi Elfman, who is married to “Dharma & Greg” co-star Jenna Elfman.

In an interview given in 2015, Danny identified as a “cynic-ologist” and said he stopped believing in God when he was 11 or 12. Before accepting the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination in 2020, Joe Biden was featured in a video he helped produce.

In the 2008 presidential election, he voted for Barack Obama. Elfman’s decision to leave Oingo Boingo was influenced by the severe hearing loss he experienced during his tenure with the band. In 2007, Danny received a doctor of fine arts degree as an honour from the North Carolina School of the Arts.

Danny Elfman Net Worth

Danny Elfman, an American composer, singer, songwriter, and actor, is worth $50 million. Elfman is well-known for his contributions to the music industry, including his roles as lead singer and primary songwriter for the rock band Oingo Boingo (1979–1995) and composer for numerous films and television shows.

Since 1985’s “Pee-Big wee’s Adventure,” 1989’s “Batman,” 1990’s “Edward Scissorhands,” and 1995’s “Big Fish” all include his original scores, to name just a few. In addition, he scored 16 films for Tim Burton (2003).

Danny has produced scores and motifs for a number of popular television shows, including “The Simpsons” (1989) and “Desperate Housewives” (2004). The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993), Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005), and “Corpse Bride” (both 2005) all include Elfman’s voice work.

He has acted in the movies “I Never Promised You a Rose Garden” (1977), “Forbidden Zone” (1980), “Back to School” (1986), and “The Gift” (2000). (2000). (2005). In addition, he was an associate producer on “The Nightmare Before Christmas.”

Real Estate

In 2000, Danny paid $2.13 million for a home in the Hancock Park neighbourhood of Los Angeles, according to public records. Over the course of three years, Danny and Bridget spent over $3 million renovating a house built in the 1920s; in 2015, they paid $3.6 million for the next property.

In October 2020, Elfman and Fonda put their joint estate on the market for $14.6 million. If the two homes were sold separately, the larger one would get $8.8 million and the smaller one would fetch $5.8 million. The two homes were eventually sold separately, with the larger one going for $8.8 million and the smaller one going for $4.2 million.

In two separate purchases spread over the course of many months in 2021, Danny and Bridget spent a total of $8 million on two adjoining properties in Encino, California. The land is a total of 2.2 acres in size. In the middle of the ’90s, Danny acquired a ranch in Santa Barbara for them.

Is Danny Elfman and Bridget Fonda still together?

Fonda also marked the year in a far more joyful way: she tied the knot. Since their 2003 wedding, Fonda and composer Danny Elfman have been raising their son, Oliver Elfman, now 17.

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