Diana Jenkins Net Worth And Is She The Richest RHOBH Star?

Diana Jenkins is a newcomer to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but she has already made an impression by being outspoken and a little over the top.

A case in point: Diana answers Sutton Stracke’s description of her as a “soulless person” at one scene in the season “Do you need a new antagonist? I am here.”

Other interesting details have emerged this season, such as the fact that Diana, whose middle name is Sanela but her first name is Sanela, had a really difficult childhood but is now rich as hell. Kevin Semuels Net Worth Is One Of The Most Searched Terms Online Today, Along With Diana Jenkins.

 What is Diana Jenkins’s Net Worth and is she currently supposedly the richest RHOBH star? But how much money does she actually have, and how did she get here? And Also Know about Post Malone. Is He Gay? Discuss dating situations as well!

She Is A Refugee From Bosnia

According to the website of her charity, Diana was born in Bosnia and later became a refugee who left the nation because of the violence in the mid-1990s.

Her website states that the 1992 Sarajevo Siege caused her to leave her home and spend more than a year as a refugee in Croatia. She managed to flee Croatia and arrive in London, where she reported to the immigration officers. Jenkins was given permission to reside, work, and study in the UK.

She has now developed into a powerful refugee advocate and started a number of advocacy groups, according to Page Six. Together with actor Sean Penn, she founded the Jenkins-Penn Haitian Relief Organization and the Sanela Diana Jenkins Human Rights Project at UCLA.

She Started Off As A Clerk At Covent Garden

According to Diana’s website, she attended the City University of London where she studied economics and computer science.

She then accepted a position as a clerk in London’s Covent Garden, a popular destination for shopping and entertainment, and used the money she earned to start a jewelry store.

Diana Jenkins Net Worth

She Bought Swimwear From Melissa Obadash

Diana used to compete in swimming, and she eventually acquired the Melissa Obadash swimwear brand, which was beloved by celebrities. By the way, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, and Heidi Klum have all been sighted wearing her outfits.

She Was Wed To One Of The 500 Richest Men In Britain

Roger Jenkins, the former head of private equity at Barclays, and Diana finally got married. Although they divorced in 2009, they still get along well. By the way, according to Celebrity Net Valued, Roger is currently worth between $80 and $100 million.

Roger said to the Daily Mail, “We kind of had a hippy marriage.” Not a bad one, just an unusual one, and now we’re splitting up in an unusual way.

“Will she pocket half of my cash? No doubt. And rightfully so. Roger answered”, I’ll gladly give it to her. In a circumstance like this, you need to have some integrity and ethics. Diana and I enjoyed a beautiful marriage for ten years. Together, we have two wonderful children. I wouldn’t have achieved nearly as much success without her. Why shouldn’t she have half of what we earned together by creating our fortune from nothing?

She consequently undoubtedly benefited financially from that divorce. How much precisely? Uncertain. nonetheless, most likely in the hundred million range. According to Celebrity Net Worth, the deal made her “one of the richest women in the UK,” with an estimated $300 million.

She Makes Some Money From Her Business

Drink with a purpose is the slogan of Diana’s own beverage business, Neuro. Drinks include Immune, Sleep, Bliss, and Sonic. RocketReach estimates that the business brings approximately $79 million annually.

How Many Houses Does Diana Have?

The Wall Street Journal reports that Diana advertised her Malibu property in 2020 for $125 million after purchasing it for $21 million in the early 2000s. According to Bravo, she ultimately sold her home in 2021 for almost $87 million.

According to the real estate website Dirt, Diana has now “downsized” to a more than 13,000 square foot, about $13 million Hidden Hills property with seven bedrooms and eight baths.

But it’s not just her Hidden Hills house she owns. During an interview for the show, she stated, “Geographically, I usually have a group of properties that I move about with,” according to Bravo. It’s L.A., Sarajevo, and Hvar right now. around five to six homes

Diana said in the opening episode of season 12 that her London mansion was reportedly designed by Giorgio Armani.

What Is The Sum Of Her Wealth?

All right, that total is actually quite large. Celebrity Net Worth estimates Diana’s net worth to be around $300 million. So, yup. She undoubtedly appears to be the richest housewife in the current season of the show.

But Kathy Hilton, who will appear once more in season 12 as a “friend,” undoubtedly competes with Diana… I’ll continue to watch for the drama.

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