What Is Red Bull Founder Dietrich Mateschitz Net Worth At The Time Of His Death

Dietrich Mateschitz Net Worth: Dietrich Mateschitz was a billionaire businessman from Austria. He was born on May 20, 1944, and died on October 22, 2022. He helped start Red Bull GmbH and owned 49% of it. As of April 2022, Mateschitz was worth about US$27.4 billion, according to estimates.

Mateschitz worked for Unilever and Blendax in marketing. While he was traveling in Thailand, he tried a drink called Krating Daeng. He changed it to make Red Bull. In 1984, he started Red Bull GmbH, and in 1987, he brought it to Austria. Along with this, DaBaby’s Net Worth is also the most googled topic nowadays.

His company bought or started a number of sports teams around the world, such as the five-time Constructors’ Champions Red Bull Racing and its sister team AlphaTauri in Formula One and the FC Red Bull Salzburg and RB Leipzig in association football.

Dietrich Mateschitz Early Life

Dietrich Mateschitz was born on May 20th of 1944 in Sankt Marein im Murztal, Styria, Nazi Germany (present day Austria). Dietrich grew up in a family with Austrian and Slovenian roots. Both of his parents taught elementary school.

But they broke up when Dietrich was still young, and his mother raised him. Mateschitz went to the Vienna University of Economics and Business after he finished high school. He went to this school for ten years and got a degree in marketing. This was in 1972.

Dietrich Mateschitz Net Worth

Krating Daeng

When Dietrich got out of college, he worked as a marketing professional for companies like Unilever and Blendax. He helped sell detergents, toothpaste, and other things during this time. He had to travel a lot for these jobs, and one of the places he went to was Thailand.

During one trip to Thailand, he learned about the Krating Daeng drink. This was sold as a “cure for a hangover,” and Dietrich found that it also helped him with jet lag. In 1984, he found the person who made the drink.

His name was Chaleo Yoovidhya, and he was a Thai duck farmer. Together, they started the Red Bull GmbH company in 1987, and it became one of the most popular energy drinks in the world very quickly. Besides this, Are you interested to read about Jayson William’ Net Worth?

How Dietrich Mateschitz Found Red Bull?

As a professional in marketing, Dietrich was in charge of the company’s famous branding over the next few decades. “Red Bull gives you wings” became a well-known slogan all over the world, and the brand became associated with many sports events.

Over the years, the brand has sponsored a wide range of events. In the 2010s, Red Bull became the first brand to sponsor eSports. This gave the impression that Red Bull helps high-level athletes reach the level of mental and physical performance they need to compete at a high level. Today, Red Bull makes more than $6 billion in sales and $1 billion in profit each year.

Teams That Race

Formula One is an area where Mateschitz has been very active. At first, they had a majority share in the Sauber racing team, but in 2001 they broke up with Sauber and in 2004 they bought the Jaguar racing team. After changing the name of this team to Red Bull Racing, Dietrich became a real force in the Formula One world.

He bought the Minardi racing team in 2005 and changed its name to Scuderia Toro Rosso. It took Sebastian Vettel five years for Mateschitz to win his first Constructors’ Championship and Drivers’ Championship. In 2011, 2012, and 2013, they won both titles again and again.

Dietrich also bought the A1 racing circuit in 2004 and changed its name to the Red Bull Ring. The Austrian Grand Prix takes place on this track. In 2005, he bought SV Austria Salzburg in Austria and changed its name to Red Bull Salzburg.

Then, he bought the American soccer team MetroStars and changed its name to the New York Red Bulls. In 2009, he bought another soccer team, this time the German club RB Leipzig.

What Was Dietrich Mateschitz’s Net Worth?

Dietrich Mateschitz was an Austrian businessman with a $20 billion net worth. Dietrich Mateschitz made a lot of money by helping to start one of the most successful energy drink companies in the world, Red Bull. Dietrich owned 49% of Red Bull at the time of his death.

Dietrich passed away on October 22, 2022. He was 78 years old. Dietrich was one of the 100 richest people in the world and the richest person in Austria for most of the rest of his life. In a typical year, Red Bull sells more than 10 billion cans of its drinks and makes $9 billion.

Dietrich was also known for his love of motorsports. He put millions of dollars of his own money into different Red Bull teams, including the two teams that compete in Formula One. He was also the owner of the popular soccer team RB Leipzig in Germany.

Real Estate

Dietrich owned an island in the South Pacific called Laucala. It was near Fiji. In 2006, he paid $13 million to buy the island from another billionaire, Malcolm Forbes. Mateschitz turned the island into a high-end resort after he bought it. Apart from this, Have you heard about Cole Bennett’s Net Worth?

The island is 3500 acres big and has volcanic mountains, rainforests, white beaches, and coral reefs. Visitors can do a lot of fun things, like ride horses, take cooking classes, play golf, get massages, fish in the deep sea, and much more. A ride on Dietrich’s $1.5 million submarine, the DeepFlight Super Falcon, might be the most interesting thing to do. The price per night starts at $4,800.


The Austrian businessman Dietrich Mateschitz was valued at $20 billion. Dietrich Mateschitz is one of the world’s richest people since he co-founded the massively successful energy drink company, Red Bull. At the time of his death, Dietrich held 49 percent of Red Bull.

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