Are Discovery Plus And HBO Max Will Be Combined Into One Platform?

Discovery Plus HBO Max: Discovery will become Warner Bros. Discovery in the next month when its merger with AT&T’s WarnerMedia is finalized. Along with this, Midnight Club Netflix is also the most googled topic nowadays.

Discovery has confirmed that it plans to combine its current streaming service, Discovery Plus, with WarnerMedia’s HBO Max into a single service, instead of selling the two services together.

Discovery CFO Gunnar Wiedenfels, who will also be CFO of the new Warner Bros. Discovery, said on Monday at the Deutsche Bank 30th Annual Media, Internet & Telecom Conference that Discovery is making plans to combine the two streaming services.

This is the first time the company has actually said what it plans to do with Discovery Plus and HBO Max after the merger, despite rumors that they could stay separate platforms with options to bundle them.

Discovery Plus HBO Max

But before they are combined, Wiedenfels says the first step during integration will be some kind of bundling while the new company figures out the best way to combine the two platforms.

Universal’s boss says that Tom Cruise’s upcoming space movie will make him the “first civilian to do a spacewalk outside of the space station.”

“One of the most important things is that we think a combined product is better than a bundle… Weidenfeld said, “We think that the breadth and depth of this content offering will be a great value for consumers.”

“The question is, how long will it take to get to that point and do it so that it’s a great user experience for our subscribers? Again, that’s not going to happen in weeks or months, but hopefully not in years.

In the meantime, we’ll start working on a temporary solution. So right away, we’re working on getting the bundling approach ready, which might include a single sign-on, putting content into the other product, etc.,

so that we can start to see some benefits right away. But the main goal will be to make the technology platform work together. It will take a while to build one very, very strong combined direct-to-consumer product and platform.

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Discovery Plus costs $4.99 per month with ads or $6.99 per month without ads. It has most of Discovery’s streaming subscribers, which the company said at the end of 2021 would be 22 million people around the world.

Last year, HBO Max and HBO had a total of 73.8 million subscribers around the world. HBO Max costs $9.99 per month if it has ads and $14.99 per month if it doesn’t. Gunnar didn’t say how much the combined streaming platform would cost on Monday, but he did say that Warner Bros.

Discovery will offer both ad-free and ad-lite products. Weidenfeld said, “It’s clear that the direct-to-consumer business is much further along now than it was four years ago.”

“There’s a bigger risk, and you want to get that right. By the time we’re done, these changes will affect close to 100 million people who use the two direct-to-consumer products. So, there will have to be a lot of careful planning and attention to detail.” Besides this, Are you Interested to read about Naruto Netflix

Wiedenfels says that the $43 billion Discovery-WarnerMedia deal will still go through early in the second quarter. This is because Discovery shareholders approved the deal on Friday. Insiders told Variety that the specific time frame being looked at is April 11–28.

And once WarnerMedia is officially in the hands of Discovery, Wiedenfels is looking forward to a “blowout DTC product” with HBO Max and Discovery Plus. He also thinks that the Discovery and WarnerMedia brands will have “some very nice marketing synergy right out of the gate.”

Wiedenfels said, “The way we’re putting things together here couldn’t make more sense.” “We have HBO Max, which is more premium and geared toward men, and you have Discovery, which is geared toward women.

People like that Discovery content keeps them interested every day, while HBO Max content is more about big events. Putting all of this together, I have no doubt that we will make one of the most complete products for old, young, male, and female people.

And I’m really looking forward to it. I can’t wait to see the first combined direct-to-consumer metrics because, in theory, the power of HBO Max to bring in new customers combined with the power of Discovery content to keep customers coming back should make for a blowout DTC product, which should lead to very healthy revenue growth for years to come.

Wiedenfels said of the new company’s global plans, “It’s important to remember that DTC internationally is going to be an order of magnitude better business for us than the linear world,” which is what Discovery is used to doing.

Final Lines: Discovery will become Warner Bros. Discovery in the next month when its merger with AT&T’s WarnerMedia is finalized. If you are more interested in accurate information, please visit our website, Digi Hind News.

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