Who Is Eddie In Stranger Things? Read Why He Is One of The GOAT Of The Show!

Fans of “Stranger Things” had to wait three long years for Netflix to add Season 4 to their collection. When Eddie Munson (Joseph Quinn) showed up on their screens, it’s safe to say that they got more than they bargained for. We mean it as well as we can. When Quinn played Eddie, he got a lot of attention right away. Fans liked Eddie right away because he was mysterious and liked odd things.

Eddie Munson could be the best part of Season 4 of “Stranger Things.” In fact, fans of the character have pretty much taken over one part of TikTok with their videos. Eddie seems to have become more than just a character; he seems to be a long-lasting phenomenon. He’s brand new, but for some reason, he seems old. Eddie Munson has been in a lot of dramatic situations, so we looked into his personality and found all the little things that make him Eddie. People who only watch “Stranger Things” may not know this interesting fact about Eddie Munson. Like Eddie Stranger Things, Hacks Season 2 is also the most searched topic these days.

Who Is Eddie Munson?

Eddie Munson was a weird Hawkins High School student who was played by Joseph Quinn in Stranger Things. The “Hellfire Club” at Hawkins High School was a group that was all about dragons and dungeons. Quinn was also the leader of the group. Eddie Munson Mort will be talked about in the next part of this article.

Yes, that’s right. Eddie Munson dies tragically at the end of Stranger Things season 4. You will see that one character dies in every season of Stranger Things. In season 1, Barb dies. Bob dies in season 2. In the third season, Billy dies. And now, in season 4, Eddie Munson dies. In season 4, Vecna killed some Hawkins teenagers. Eddie Munson didn’t save his own life in the second book, even though the main characters did in the first book.

Eddie Munson’s Screentime Is Surprisingly Minuscule

Eddie Munson becomes a significant character in Season 4’s first episode despite existing alongside “Stranger Things” characters from Season 1. You’d think he’d need more screen time for fans to get to know him. The metalhead dungeon master appears in 5% of Season 4 or 42 minutes across nine episodes.

Eddie is introduced and Vecna-induced madness begins in the first Season 4 episode. Season 4 is mainly about Eddie and his “banishment,” therefore introducing him early is important for building fan attachment. Joseph Quinn and the Duffer Brothers did a great job, but it’s impressive that they achieved it in a fraction of Episode 1’s 78 minutes.

Eddie’s lack of screen time may disappoint supporters, but it’s understandable. Season 4 of “Stranger Things” is split between three groups, and Eddie spends much of it hiding. Whether it’s logical or not, Eddie’s quick popularity is astounding.

Mastering An Iconic Look

Eddie Stranger Things
Eddie Stranger Things

Throughout the seasons of Stranger Things, there have been a lot of characters with very 80s-style clothes, but none like Eddie. The addition of this character was a breath of fresh air, something new to like, and very different from the other characters. Eddie is a perfect example of the 80s metalhead culture, with his frizzy hair and ripped jeans.

It makes sense that a style as unique as Eddie’s would catch people’s attention right away, and nothing was left to chance when it came to making his look. Netflix Tudum says that the styling team got ideas for how to make Eddie come to life from many heavy metal bands, especially Iron Maiden and Venom. But Eddie’s character in the show is so much more than just his looks, as the episodes of the fourth season have shown. He has a very recognizable and unique style. Apart From This, Have You Heard About Mindy Kaling’s Plastic Surgery?

Quinn Thought Being Cast As Eddie Was A Mistake

Even though a big chunk of the world shared love for Eddie Munson, Joseph Quinn seemed to think that his casting was a mistake. After explaining how he was chosen, he told The Guardian that he was waiting for the other shoe to drop and for the Duffers to “realize they had made a mistake.”

Still, it’s clear that Quinn was supposed to play Eddie, but Quinn would probably never say that. In fact, he seems to be taking his newfound fame with a lot of humility and thanks. Quinn told The LA Times, “I think about characters I liked when I was a kid, and to think that someone out there feels that way about a character I played is kind of weird.” “It makes me feel small, and it’s something I never thought I’d feel.”

Joseph Quinn Learned How To Play Master Of Puppets

Eddie Munson’s first episode was a big hit, but the big highlight of Season 4 of “Stranger Things” comes in the last episode, when he puts on a one-man concert in the Upside Down to keep Vecna’s mind monsters from attacking him. When you think about how hard it was to make, the unforgettable “Master of Puppets” scene is even cooler.

The righteous guitar scene in the “Piggyback” episode is very real, at least in terms of how it was played. Joseph Quinn told Radio Times in an exclusive interview that he really did learn how to play most of Metallica’s “Master of Puppets,” a notoriously hard song, and that he really is playing the guitar in the episode. While he “took a shot” at the song, the production brought in a master guitarist to get the fast, complicated chorus down. Still, it’s nice that Quinn took the time and effort to learn how to play the song, which makes the scene even more special. Besides This, Are You Interested In reading About The Marvel?

Eddie Munson Gave Metallica New Life

Before seeing Eddie Munson shred on top of a trailer in the Upside Down, most people who call themselves “metalheads” knew of the band Metallica. Fans of “Stranger Things” and heavy metal fans are not the same, though. For example, there are probably a lot of younger Eddie fans who have never heard of Metallica or their famous song “Master of Puppets.”

Watching Eddie literally raise hell to the song, on the other hand, hits just right, and the scene gave Metallica a boost in popularity among the general public. After the episode came out on Netflix, the nearly 40-year-old song “Master of Puppets” went to the top of iTunes’ rock chart, and it seems like a new generation is discovering the groundbreaking metal band.

After “Stranger Things” paid tribute to Metallica and gave them more attention, Metallica did the same. Billboard says that the metal band paid tribute to Eddie during their set at Lollapalooza by putting his picture on the stage backdrop while they played “Master of Puppets.” Eddie’s love for Metallica is almost religious, but the band’s response to him is much more like respect.

Eddie Munson Comes From A Terrible Background

Eddie Munson was apparently created by the Duffer Brothers with tragedy in mind, as they were inspired by a true horror story. Eddie was reportedly inspired by Damien Echols, as reported by Netflix Geeked (via Entertainment Daily). Echols and two other teenagers were found guilty of murder in the early 1990s in the little Arkansas community of West Memphis. For the purposes of this piece, let’s just say that a lot of people think Echols and the other guys on trial for his murder were innocent and were persecuted because of their love of heavy metal.

Having spent nearly two decades in prison, the West Memphis Three were finally freed in 2011. They are now widely recognized as victims of the 1980s “Satanic Panic,” which is portrayed in “Stranger Things” through the witch hunt for Eddie. Eddie, like Echols, has a shady past, has been alienated from society, and shares Echols’ love of D&D and death metal. This made them convenient scapegoats whenever disaster struck a tiny town.

Why Did Eddie Musson Had To Die?

The Hawkins heroes had prepared for Vecna in four distinct phases of the conflict. This war’s earliest phase can be seen in Henry Creel. It’s a deadly place where anything can happen to any character. While Max does die in the last moments of Stranger Things season 4, it is only for a brief moment. Eddie Munson passes away, but his death isn’t final. Unlike numerous times in past seasons, Eddie does not run to the battlefield.

Did Eddie Munson really pass away? That’s right; he passed away. Eddie fights desperately to keep the Demobats at bay until he is finally vanquished. Eddie was critically injured and ultimately passed away. Eddie passes away as Dustin breathes his last. Eddie Munson died a hero for his country. He is fearless in the face of danger and continues the fight anyway. Eddie participates as a hero in the conflict.

Netflix’s Tribute To Him Was A Strange Thing

There’s no doubt that Eddie Munson’s success has thrilled Netflix. Fans’ enjoyment of Netflix has apparently increased thanks to this character, and the streaming service has paid gratitude to its misunderstood hero in a suitably out-of-the-ordinary fashion.

A real-life crop circle depicting Eddie in the devil horns posture was spotted in rural Indiana. In a YouTube video posted to the “Stranger Things” channel, we see a drone flying over a field that has been memorialized with Eddie’s face engraved into a plot of ground. To the tune of “Master of Puppets,” the video features a photo of Eddie Munson with the words “Eddie Munson 4ever” written around it.

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