ERIC ANDRÉ New Girlfriend Revealed!!! Is There Chaos In Paradise?

ERIC ANDRÉ New Girlfriend Revealed!!! Emily Ratajkowski may have left the single girl phase and entered the hot GF phase after a racy photo of her and  ERIC ANDRÉ was released to the Instagram account of comedian Eric André.

A few days later, though, she tweeted a mysterious TikTok about the end of situation-ships, and her admirers immediately began to speculate that it had anything to do with her breakup with André.

Who Is Eric André?

American stand-up comedian Eric André is 39 years old. When it comes to the entertainment world, André has done it all, serving as an actor, host, writer, and producer.

ERIC ANDRÉ New Girlfriend Revealed!!!

The Relationship Between Emily Ratajkowski And Eric André Has Been Officially “Launched” On Instagram. There are various ways to “hard launch” a relationship, but releasing an NSFW photo of Ratajkowski and André naked, with their clothes strewn around and a bottle of red wine open is a bold move.

When André lay naked on the couch with only a Cupid’s love emoji covering his cleavage, the model, who had walked in the Tory Burch show the day before, posed in the mirror with her side profile on display. Amusingly, he posted the shot with the caption “Happy Valentine’s Day” to his 2.5 million followers while covering his mouth with one finger. Check the post given below.

Exactly when did Emily Ratajkowska and Eric Andre begin dating?

Although this is the most time we’ve ever spent with Ratajkowski and André together, this is not the first time we’ve seen them together. They’ve been caught on camera a few times over the past two months, including during a New York Knicks game at Madison Square Garden.

All we can do now is wait for Ratajkowski to finally spill the beans on her new romance on her podcast, The High Low.

Chaos In Paradise With Cryptic Tiktok

As we have all been yelling with delight at Emily Ratajkowski and Eric André’s premiere, things may not be as perfect as we’ve been made to believe.

The model shared a selfie video of herself in bed to the audio question, “What’s rule number one?” and the audio response, “Party.” This unexpected turn of events occurs after the model posted the video to her TikTok.

ERIC ANDRÉ New Girlfriend

The video’s captions changed the inquiry halfway through, and it quickly gained over two million views. Instead, she asked, “What should you do when a situationship ends?”, and the response was, “Create a new situationship”.

The video has led some to believe that her “situationship” with André is finished and that she is on to the next potential suitor. Not that it’s been confirmed by either side just yet, but readers were going absolutely crazy over it in the feedback.

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