Fire Accident in Jharkhand: Heartbreaking Loss As Innocent People Suffered The Incident

An unfortunate Fire Accident in Jharkhand took place as a huge fire broke out at the Dhanbad hospital’s apartment complex, killing five people. In Dhanbad, there was a fire in the housing area of a hospital. Five people are said to have died in the fire, and Dhanbad DSP Arvind Kumar Binha confirmed this. The fire started late at night on January 27. This is what the news said.

The people who died have been named as Dr. Vikas Hazra, his wife Dr. Prema Hazra, and other hospital workers. Reports say that a short circuit caused the fire to start on the second floor of the building. When two fire trucks got there, they saved nine people from both sides of the hospital. The residents who were saved are now getting care at the Pataliputra nursing home.

News service ANI posted on Twitter, “It has been confirmed so far that 5 people died in the fire: the doctor, his wife, their nephew, another relative, and their housekeeper,” said Dhanbad DSP (Law & Order) Arvind Kumar Binha. ANI also put up a video of the event on the microblogging service Twitter.

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The people who work for the fire department say that there were no special security measures in place to stop the fire in the hospital. Even the anti-fire machine was not working, which shows that security was not taken seriously.

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