Gekko Release Date: What We Know So Far?

A trailer for Riot Games’ newest agent, Gekko, has just been released, and the response from players has been overwhelming. During the Valorant Champions Tour LOCK/IN event, Agent Gameplay Designer Ryan Cousart spilled the beans on the future agent’s arsenal. Here is all the information you need about Gekko in Valorant, including his agent class, powers, and release date.

Gekko Release Date

Gekko will officially be released on Tuesday, March 7 with the launch of VALORANT Episode Six, Act Two. As of 10 am CT on March 7, the new act is officially live after a brief update and maintenance period in North America, however, it may be some time before other regions go live. At the latest, all regions should see Gekko go live before March 8.

If players activate Gekko’s contract in the agent’s tab and raise it to level five, they will gain access to him. You can also use VP to buy all five of his contract tiers. Gekko (and any future new agents) will be available to players with an Xbox Game Pass account linked to their Riot and VALORANT accounts as soon as they are released.

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Gekko Agent Class And Gameplay Overview

As an Initiator, Gekko is able to call out a wide variety of companion animals, each with its own special skills. Depending on the ability he employs, he can temporarily disable, blind, reveal, or stun his opponents.

With his skills, he plans to seize control of strategic regions and swing the tide of war in his favor. It will be fascinating to watch how he influences both the casual and competitive meta with his ability to disable skills.

Valorant Gekko abilities

Gekko’s full arsenal of skills is detailed below.

 Ability-Dizzy (E)

SHOOT Dizzy forward to launch him into the air. Dizzy powers up and fires beams at foes in his or her line of sight. When an enemy is struck, they go blind.

When Dizzy Expired, they convert into a glob that can be scooped up to be utilized again after a short cooldown.

Wingman (Q) – Ability

Press FIRE to have Wingman advance and search for danger. When an adversary is detected, Wingman directs a triangle blast in its direction.

To plant (you must have the spike) or defuse a planted spike, press ALT FIRE while observing the site or the spike. When planting or detonating the spike, other players can kill Wingman.

After Wingman’s use expires, he becomes a glob that can be picked up and reused after a short rest period.

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Ultimate – Thrash (X)

Use fire to command and sync up with Thrash to direct her. Lunge forward and erupt with FIRE while in the Ultimate, detaining all foes in the area.

As Thrash’s time runs out, she transforms into a glob that can be reactivated after a brief rest period. You can only get your trash back once.

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