Hank and Ria Broke Up!!! Latest Updates on Their Breakup

There’s a lot of controversy going on right now between a few Barstool Sports stars who have earned a lot of attention on social media since beginning their careers. Matthew Cahill, alias Marty Mush, and Maria Ciuffo, or Ria, were caught kissing. Marty and Ria’s images have gone popular on Twitter and Reddit. Is there a reason why a relationship between these two is such a huge deal? Ria’s previous connection with Hank Lockwood complicates matters significantly. To make things worse, Hank and Marty were formerly considered excellent buddies! According to ItsGame7.com, Ria and Hank agreed not to date coworkers. This would imply that her decision to date Marty contradicts anything she had agreed upon with Hank.

Here are some additional facts regarding the Barstool Sports drama starring Hank, Ria, and Marty.
Now that Ria is dating Marty, many people are wondering about what happened between her and Hank. Why did they split up in the first place? According to Ria, the pair was “going in separate ways” during a Chicks in the Office podcast episode.

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She discussed how, since she began dating Hank at the age of 19, she has never truly had the opportunity to live a solo life. They remained together until she was 24, which means she spent her early twenties in a committed relationship. It doesn’t seem like their split was particularly messy, dramatic, or unpleasant. Things between her and Hank might get more tricky now that she’s seeing Marty. Marty and Hank’s relationship may potentially become highly difficult.

Has Hank talked up about the Barstool drama he’s dealing with between Ria and Marty?

In response to Ria and Marty’s new relationship, Hank tweeted, “I informed [Ria] a month ago that my issue was pretty much solely with her and what I thought were disrespectful acts towards me after dating for four years, but that I would have zero issues talking to Marty.” He never contacted me till yesterday morning.”

Hank’s tweet has over 16,000 likes and counting. From Hank’s perspective, the whole situation is clearly an instance of a breakdown in communication.

“I wasn’t going to tweet and simply speak about it on [Chicks in the Office], but at the end of the day, I don’t regret any choice that I made and I am going to continue being happy,” Ria said. I phoned Hank and informed him, and he stated he had no issue with Marty and that his problem was with me.”

It seems that she believed it was vital to prioritize her pleasure despite any harsh criticism or judgment she could get from social media users. She informed Hank about her connection with Marty before it became public, so she doesn’t have to feel horrible about the situation.

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