Harry Styles Donates Eyes For The Gun Safety Organisations! Details Explored

Harry Styles full name Harry Edward Styles is a multi-talented English singer, songwriter as well as actor. He was born on 1 February 1994 and is 28 years old at present  He has been working in the field since 2010. His birthplace is Redditch, England. He is a member of One Direction (1D) which is an English-Irish pop band that was originally formed in London. Whereas, later he took his career as a solo singer and actor. His first song was “the girl of my best friend”.

In 2010, Harry also auditioned for the X factor and he was encouraged by his mother for the same. The singer went to Holmes Chapel comprehensive school and there he performed as a lead singer in the band White Eskimo. Moreover, they won the local Battle of the Bands competition. 


Harry Family

Singer’s mother is a landlady named Anne Twist and his father is a finance worker named Desmond “Des” Styles. He has an older sister named Gemma and when they were children, they moved to the village of Holmes Chapel in Cheshire along with their parents.  When Harry was 7 years old his parents got separated and his mother did a second marriage with his business partner John Cox and that too came to an end after a few years. Harry Styles always states that he got the full support from his parents in his life and he had spent his childhood very well. Further, Robin Twist, the third husband of his mother, died due to cancer in 2017, whereas Harry had a stepbrother from his mother’s third marriage.


Harry Styles gave many songs to the industry some of his works are listed below

  • As it was,  Harry’s House
  • What Makes You Beautiful, Up All Night
  • Steal My Girl, Four
  • Story Of My Life, Midnight Memories
  • Adore You, Fine Line
  • Golden, Fine Line
  • One Way Or Another, Midnight Memories
  • Sign Of Times, Harry Styles
  • Magic, Take Me Home
  • Falling, Fine Line
  • Watermelon Sugar, Fine Line
  • Stockholm Syndrome, Four
  • What Makes You Beautiful, Up All Night


Harry Styles has achieved a lot of success in his life. Moreover, many of his works were appreciated by awards. He won plenty of awards, some of which are listed below :

  •  American music awards (2020) favorite pop/ rock album
  • APRA Awards (2021)  Most Performed International Work
  • Billboard Music Awards (2020)  Billboard Chart Achievement Award
  • BMI PoP Awards (2018) Award-winning songs
  • The Fashion Awards (2013) The British Style Awards
  • Global Awards (2020)  Best Song
  • Grammy Awards (2021) Best Pop Solo Performance
  • Juno Awards (20210 International Album Of The Year
  • MTV Millennial Awards (2021) Global Hit Of The Year

Donations For Gun Safety Organisations

As we all are aware of the fact that gun violence is rising day by day in America and the majority of the deaths in the US are due to this growing trend. It is becoming very normal in the US to pick up a gun and shoot someone. In the recent incident, an 18-year-old boy named  Salvador Ramos picked up the rifle and killed 19 children as well as 2 teachers of  Robb elementary school in Uvalde Texas. After a long struggle, the boy came into the hands of law enforcement and they shot him. According to the data from 2012, the United States had 270 million guns and 90 mass shooters whereas no other country had more than 46 million guns and 18 mass shooters.

Harry Styles

Moreover, America constitutes 4.4% of the global population, and 42% of the world’s guns are owned by America. The data clearly shows the rising trend of guns in the country which is definitely playing a paramount role in the increment of gun violence.

Furthermore, as this is a matter of grave concern many actors, singers or we can say public figures also took the case seriously and raised their voices for the same so that they can inform their youth or fans about the right or wrong as many people including teenagers look up to them. One of those who raised their voices was Harry Styles. A 28-year-old famous American singer and actor after hearing a lot of incidents of gun violence in the past few times used social media for expressing his grave and sad feelings for the same so that people can get the thing right in their minds. While expressing his views he wrote  “Along with all of you, I have been absolutely devastated by the recent string of mass shootings in America, culminating at the latest in Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas. 

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Moreover, he pledged to donate $1 million during his tour of North America to all the nonprofit organizations in different cities that are working to end the growing gun violence. This deed shows his personality and how much he cares about his country’s youth. He promised to do his part for the betterment of the mass of the country.


To conclude,28 years old Harry Styles has donated $1 million to the organization working against gun violence. He is doing great in his career. For now, this was the whole information we were having about the donation made by him.  stay tuned for future updates. Hope that this was informative for you, do share your reviews and suggestions in the comments. Looking forward to giving you updates on many more topics. You can comment on the topic names you want to know about and will try to come back with them as soon as possible.

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