How Rich is BTS ??? Annual income and Net worth in 2022 !!


BTS!! A name that does not need any introduction in today’s world. Every teenager in the world has listened to their songs. This Boy band has made a huge impact on the world music industry through their fierce songs. Generally when it comes to Korean Music people only remember “Gangnam Style”. BTS has changed the perspective of the world towards South Korean Music and made it to the top of US Billboards a number of times. With this much success, People are naturally interested to know about the Annual income and Net worth of these guys. In this article, we will be providing you with information related to the formation of BTS, their career struggle, Annual Income, and how much money they have made till now!.

BTS Members and Early Career

BTS stands for Bangtan Sonyeondan which is a Korean word that means “Bulletproof Boy Scouts”. The name represents their desire to overcome traditional stereotypes and criticism that aims at teenagers like bullets. The group was originally formed by Big Hit Entertainment’s CEO Bang-si-Hyuk when he met RM and got impressed by his rapping skills. It was supposed to remain a hip-hop group but they got involved in different genres as per the requirement of the time. The group has a total of seven members which include:

  • Kim Namjoon aka RM
  • Kim Seokjin aka Jin
  • Min Yoongi aka Suga
  • Jung Hoseok aka J-hope
  • Park Jimin aka Jimin
  • Kim Taehyung aka V
  • Jim Jungkook aka Jungkook 

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They released their first single album named “2 cool 4 Skool”  as the first song of the School Trilogy and after that, they released “No More Dreamswhich was a flop at that time. The songs however made it to the top five in South Korean music but couldn’t make it to the international charts.

Things went on track after a lot of hard work when the last song of the School Trilogy named Skool Luv Affair was released in January 2014. The song was a vital turn in their career as it topped the Gaon Album Chart. It took BTS to international Billboard at number three. In July of the same year, they performed live for the first time in West Hollywood without charging any fee. 

The group always focused on the dilemma suffered by teenagers these days which is the prime reason why they are loved all over the world. It was a wise move to adopt different genres along with hip-hop to make a place in people’s hearts. 

They released their first Korean studio album in August 2014 named “Dark and Wild” which was another blast in the music industry and was number two in South Korea. This album took their fan base to another height and they got famous. After that, they went on International Tours to perform live concerts which were attended by thousands of their fans. To date, they have released a total of 6 Albums that have been spitting fire in the industry even in International markets. Here’s a list of the albums released:

  • Dark and Wild (2014)
  • Wings (2016)
  • Love Yourself: Tear (2018)
  • Map of the soul:7 (2020)
  • BE (2020)
  • Butter (2021)

Traditionally they were singing their songs in the Korean language but in their Album Map of the Soul:7 for the first time ever the group sang a song in the English Language named “Dynamite”. It became one of the fastest-selling singles after Taylor Swift’s Look what you made me do and became number one on US Billboard Hot 100. BTS is the only Korean group to sell 20 Million albums worldwide which is an achievement that no Korean group has ever achieved before. 

Till now they have achieved massive success. They are listed by Forbes in the Celebrity 100 list of the world’s highest-paid entertainers of 2019. Twitter in 2016 launched its first-ever k-pop emoji featuring BTS. This kinda fame is what every artist works hard for. 

RM the lead rapper of the group was already indulged in underground rapping before the group’s debut in 2013. On March 17, 2015, the group’s leader RM (then known as Rap Monster) released his first solo mixtape, the eponymous RM, for free on the streaming service SoundCloud. The mixtape was ranked 48th on the “50 Best Hip Hop Albums of 2015” list published by Spin Magazine.

BTS Earnings and Net Worth

BTS has been ruling over the hearts and industry at once. This group has been paid the highest and it’s considered one of the most successful and famous boy bands of all time. When you are this famous then multiple sources of income are not a big deal. The same is in the case of BTS, They have been getting live concerts, TV ads, and Brand promotion offers. According to the reports BTS earned $170 million in September 2020 by just touring!!! Isn’t it a BIG AMOUNT?! 

Not only this, The group has promotional deals with big companies like Coca-Cola, Puma, and Hyundai. Hyundai group even made them their Brand Ambassador for the new Palisade SUV in 2018. They also have been acting in movies of their own which also uplifts their earnings. 

Till now they have made 2 movies including “Burn The Stage” in 2018 which had total revenue of $20 million and “Love Yourself in Seoul”  in 2019 which earned almost $10 million worldwide. 

BTS also has a major impact on South Korea’s Economy as tourists choose this place just because BTS lives there. It is estimated that over $3.6 Billion dollars are spent on average by 800k tourists every year. 

Although they share a mansion, some of them still have their own apartments. Jin reportedly spent $1.7 million in cash on his apartment at Hannam the Hill. J-Hope and Jungkook also bought apartments in the Seoul Forest Triage, known as one of the most luxurious apartments in Seoul. J-Hope bought him for a reported $1.6 million back in 2016, while Jungkook reportedly spent $1.74 million in cash when he purchased his unit in late 2018. Suga also bought a $3 million apartment in the Hannam district around the end of 2018.

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