Hulu Chainsaw Man: When And Where To Watch, What To Expect, And More!

Hulu Chainsaw Man: Haisaw Man is one of the most popular anime shows right now. Fans are already talking about how great it could be even though it just came out. Whether you want to watch it for the action, the drama between the characters, or the interesting but strange designs of the demons, it looks like a show that should appeal to everyone.

As with most anime shows, you’ll have to use a certain streaming service to watch Chainsaw Man. There are a lot of streaming services out there, and before you start switching back and forth between them, you might want to figure out which one you really need. After all, it can be a good idea to pare down.

Before you jump into the world of this exciting upcoming shonen series, be sure to check out our list of how to stream Chainsaw Man, when to expect new episodes, and a bunch of other bits of information. This fall, it will be all anyone talks about when it comes to anime shows, so it’s a good idea to get in on the ground floor.

Here’s everything you need to know about streaming Chainsaw Man, including where to stream it and more.

How And Where To Stream Chainsaw Man?

To view Chainsaw Man, you do not need to have any particular streaming platform add-ons or requirements installed on your device. You just need one of these two primary types of services:

  • Crunchyroll
  • Hulu

This season of Chainsaw Man is being streamed by both services, however, for the time being, it will only be accessible with Japanese audio and English subtitles. There will be a dub, but there is not yet a specific release date for when we may anticipate to hear the lead character, Denji, along with the rest of the cast and their English voice actors.

When Does Chainsaw Man Air?

The second episode of Chainsaw Man is scheduled to premiere for the vast majority of fans located in other countries on Tuesday, October 18. Instead, the episode will be shown for the first time to select audiences outside of Japan and the United States on Wednesday, October 19, in the wee hours of the morning.

Fans can watch the anime on Crunchyroll and Hulu if they are located outside of Asia; however, Amazon Prime Video and a variety of MediaLink outlets are responsible for all streaming within Asia. In addition, it appears that Hulu is delaying the distribution of episodes of the series by one day, whereas Crunchyroll uploads episodes to their website just one hour after they are broadcast in Japanese syndication.

The following time slots will allow users in the following time zones and territories to watch the episode on Crunchyroll:

  • Pacific Time: 9 AM PDT (October 18)
  • Eastern Time: 12 PM EDT (October 18)
  • British Time: 5 PM BST (October 18)
  • European Time: 6 PM CEST (October 18)
  • Indian time: 9:30 PM IST (October 18)
  • Philippine Time: 12 AM PHT (October 19)
  • Japanese Standard Time: 1 AM JST (October 19)
  • Australia Time: 1:30 AM ACST (October 19)

What To Expect From Chainsaw Man?

Even though this article will only make guesses about what to expect from Chainsaw Man episode 2, two important characters will be introduced in a formal way. Both of these characters, who were either not seen or not named in the first episode, are important to the rest of the story, so fans will definitely want to watch this episode.

After this, viewers will probably learn about Denji’s future job as a Public Safety Devil Hunter. Even though it probably won’t be very nice, it will be better than what Denji and Pochita had before. Also, the mysterious woman’s promises at the end of episode 1 show that Denji is in a whole new world, and it’s likely that he will act nice to stay there.

It is possible, though, that Denji will have to deal with new problems, conflicts, and rude people in his new life. As a professional Devil Hunter, Denji is almost certain to meet some really interesting people along the way, each with their own story, personality, and background.

So, fans can expect that Chainsaw Man episode 2 will mostly show them what Denji’s new life will be like. Even though one episode can’t tell you everything about Tatsuki Fujimoto’s original series, it will definitely give fans a good taste of what’s to come.

How Many Episodes Of Chainsaw Man Are There?

When the first episode of Chainsaw Man comes out, it will be the end of a short season. This season will have 12 episodes that will come out every week until December. When that run is over, there might be a second season, but that’s not a sure thing yet.

The manga has 12 volumes, so there is a lot of material for the animated version to use. That means there’s plenty of room to add more, but it’s still not clear if the whole manga will be turned into an anime. Since it’s such a popular title, there’s no reason to think it won’t, but we can’t be sure just yet. Once we know for sure when it will come out, we’ll make sure to update this article.

Chainsaw Man can be streamed right now. Every Tuesday, Crunchyroll and Hulu will show new episodes.


Most of Chainsaw Man’s fans who live in other countries will be able to see it for the first time on Tuesday, October 18. Instead, the episode will be shown for the first time to some people outside of Japan and the U.S. on October 19, in the early morning hours.

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