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Imran Khan’s Exhausting Yet Rewarding Days on Film Sets: BTS Stories!!

Imran Khan Slept In His Car

Imran Khan, the popular actor known for his roles in movies like Jaane Tu… Ya Jaane Na and Mere Brother Ki Dulhan, has been delighting fans with behind-the-scenes stories from his film journey. He recently shared intriguing anecdotes about his experiences during the making of his hit films Mere Brother Ki Dulhan and Delhi Belly.

Hectic Double Shift Moments: 

Imran Khan has been using his Instagram platform to reconnect with his filmography and share the lesser-known aspects of his projects. He referred to this process as “reshaping relationships” with his films. In his latest entry, he opened the doors to his days filming Mere Brother Ki Dulhan with Katrina Kaif.

Imran Khan transported his followers back in time by sharing BTS pictures from Mere Brother Ki Dulhan:

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In these snapshots, he added retro effects to capture the essence of that era. Imran revealed the intense dedication he poured into his work, especially during the song “Do Dhaari Talwar.

He recounted shooting this song over four consecutive night shifts while simultaneously filming music videos for “Nakkaddwaley Disco” and “Switty” from Delhi Belly during the day. To manage these double shifts, Imran resorted to sleeping in his car while being shuttled between the two sets.

Despite the exhaustion and demanding schedule, Imran Khan emphasized that the experience was “hectic, but totally worth it.” His dedication to his craft and the films he was a part of shone through his words. Imran’s throwback pictures and reminiscences painted a vivid picture of the challenges he faced and the determination that fueled him.

Delhi Belly’s Memorable Post

Imran Khan’s recent Instagram entry also highlighted his time on the set of Delhi Belly. He praised the movie for being a “once-in-a-lifetime movie” and shared BTS pictures, including a makeup test for his character’s swollen eye. Imran’s post showcased his appreciation for the uniqueness of Delhi Belly and the camaraderie among the cast:

Imran Khan’s Instagram posts offer a glimpse into his eventful journey in the film industry. From enduring sleepless nights to embracing challenging roles, he demonstrates his commitment to his craft. Through his stories and throwback images, fans gain insights into the dedication and passion that drive his artistic pursuits.

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