Is J Balvin Gay? Know What He Said On Rumors About His Sexuality!

Is J Balvin Gay: Balvin said, “I want everyone to get out of the box and be themselves” when he accepted the Artist of the Year award at the Premios Los Nuestro last week. If your hair is blue, pink, or yellow, if you have a broken tooth, or if you have other sexual preferences,… “Be who you are, and always fight for your happiness.”

His comments got a lot of attention, and many of his fans wondered if he was thinking about coming out. “If I were gay, I would have shown you already by giving my partner tiny kisses, but I love women a lot!” In the description of his video clip, Balvin said. “I said that people should do what makes them happy [during the awards show].” Along with this, Is Madonna Gay is also the most googled topic nowadays.

What Balvin Does For A Living

Even when he’s covered in poop, José Alvaro Osorio Balvin has a great life. When a tortoise peed all over his Versace silk pajamas, the South American pop star didn’t lose his cool. As he looks at the Anish Kapoor piece, Balvin might be thinking about how much money he has.

The musician owns so many expensive watches and properties that a YouTube video was made to rank them from one to ten (he scored a 7.5). Even though 34-year-old J Balvin might not be a household name in the UK, he is one of the most successful musicians in the world right now, according to the numbers.

The Colombian’s monthly streaming numbers now beat those of Drake, Justin Bieber, and Cardi B. This shows that he has been successful in bringing reggaeton back to life. Only Ed Sheeran is more well-known than him.

How Did He React When His Fans Called Him Gay?

If Balvin’s money, records, and position as number one seem unbelievable, that’s because they are. A few years ago, when his career was going well, he said, “I had a very stressful time in my life. Everything was going crazy for me.” I had too many doors shut in my face. He says that he “gave people free reign” over his money. So, things went out of hand.

Fear and worry took over his life. They said it was because people had said he was gay. “The heart is the worst part,” writes the author. “You feel like you’ve been lifted out of your body and aren’t even aware that you’re breathing. ” And, of course, this emptiness here,” he says, thumping his chest.

I’ve been there and seen for myself how bad and hard life is. He began to feel very sad and depressed. “That was the worst time of my life,” he says in plain English. “Research on depression is badly underfunded.” Besides this, Are you interested to read about Emmanuel Lewis’s Net Worth?

Is J Balvin Gay

How Balvin Feels About His LGBT Fans?

Balvin, too, uses his fame to talk about what he thinks is right. “It’s all about love,” he tells LGBT people who listen to him. He says, “A lot of my closest friends are gay,” and adds that he dyed his hair rainbow colors for this year’s Pride. When he found out in 2015 that Donald Trump had invested in the Miss USA pageant, he didn’t show up. Read more related articles JP Morgan Chase Bank

When the then-presidential candidate said racist and xenophobic things about undocumented Mexican immigrants, Balvin’s first TV show in the United States had to be canceled. He says, “You can’t buy ethics, and ethics aren’t up for discussion.”

I could work illegally in the United States while I went after my dream. I used to paint houses, walk dogs, and work on roofs. I remember when Trump said that, I thought, “He’s mad!”

Is J Balvin Gay?

He doesn’t. The Colombian singer/rapper has only been with women in his past relationships. The rumors started when he dyed his hair rainbow colors. But when asked about the story, he said he was telling the truth.

Balvin’s main reason for doing the stunt was to show his support for the LGBT community. Since many of his closest friends are gay or otherwise part of the LGBT community, the rapper has always spoken out for their rights.

J Balvin Clears Up Speculation About His Sexuality

Last week, there were rumors that the Colombian singer J Balvin “outed” himself as gay at the 2016 Premio Lo Nuestro awards (ends19Feb16). On Thursday (18Feb16), when he won the coveted Artist of the Year award in Miami, Florida, the star gave a passionate speech about acceptance and finding happiness. This made many people take notice.

At the ceremony, he told fans and other artists, “I want you to get out of the box and be yourself.” “If your hair is blue, pink, or yellow, if you have a broken tooth, or if you don’t like the same things I do… Always be yourself and fight for your happiness.

Rumors spread that Balvin had just “come out” as gay, but he has since taken to social media to set the record straight. He said that if he was gay, he would be honest with his fans. “If I were gay, I would have already shown you my boyfriend and given him little kisses, but I love women a lot!” he wrote on Instagram. “I told people at the awards show that they should do what makes them happy.”

At the Premio Lo Nuestro awards show, Balvin also won the Urban Album of the Year award for his album La Familia B Sides. Apart from this, Have you heard about Terrence Howard’s Net Worth?


When he dyed his hair rainbow colors, the rumors began to spread. But when he was asked about the story, he said he wasn’t lying. Balvin did the stunt mostly to show that he supports the LGBT community. Since many of his closest friends are gay or otherwise part of the LGBT community, the rapper has always spoken up for their rights.

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