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ISKCON Unit to File Rs 100 Crore Defamation Case Against Maneka Gandhi!!



In a startling turn of events, the Kolkata unit of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) has taken strong exception to the alleged remarks made by Bharatiya Janata Party leader Maneka Gandhi. She is accused of claiming that “ISKCON sells cows from its Gaushalas (cowsheds) to butchers.” In response to these allegations, ISKCON Kolkata is gearing up to file a whopping Rs 100 crore defamation case against the Sultanpur MP, and a legal notice has already been dispatched to her.

Unfortunate Remarks Spark Legal Action

“The comments of Maneka Gandhi were very unfortunate. Our devotees across the world are very hurt. We are taking legal action for defamation of Rs 100 crores against her. We have sent her a notice today,” expressed Vice-President of ISKCON Kolkata, Radharamn Das, while speaking to media.

Gandhi’s Accusations in a Viral Video

This controversy ignited following the circulation of a viral video in which Maneka Gandhi, the founder of People for Animals, could be heard alleging that ISKCON is the “biggest cheat in the country which sells cows from its gaushalas to butchers.”

Responding vehemently to these accusations, Radharamn Das raised a valid point, stating, “How can an MP, once a Union Minister, make such a damaging claim against such a significant society without any evidence? She is asserting (in the purported video) that she visited our Anantpur Gaushala, but our bhakts (ISKCON members) there do not remember her visit.”

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The Importance of Legal Action

The decision to pursue a defamation case of this magnitude underscores the gravity of the allegations made by Maneka Gandhi. ISKCON Kolkata is steadfast in protecting its reputation and ensuring that baseless accusations do not tarnish its image.

In light of these developments, it is clear that ISKCON Kolkata is taking a resolute stand against the allegations made by Maneka Gandhi. The legal action being pursued, with a Rs 100 crore defamation case, demonstrates the seriousness with which the organization regards its reputation and integrity.

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