Jason and Chrishell Breakup: A Shocking News Revealed!!

Jason And Chrishell Breakup

Talking about one of the hottest topics, everyone’s going crazy after hearing the news of Jason and Chrishell’s Breakup. They both opened up about their relationship in July 2021 but things didn’t go as expected and they broke up by the end of the year. Nobody was assuming that Jason will opt out of this relationship as it seemed so real and deep. Even the cast of Selling Sunsets had a clear opinion that Chrishell and Jason are a great couple with perfect chemistry between them. They met each other on the sets and before turning into Lovers they remained Friends for a long period of time.

Selling Sunsets is one of the most popular Netflix series in which the Oppenheim Group is a well-reputed real estate brokerage firm located in Los Angeles. The first season aired on March 21, 2019, which was pretty much praised by the audience. The show was nominated for various awards.

Jason Oppenheim

The Oppenheim Group is one of the biggest real estate broker groups in the USA. Jason Oppenheim is the founder and President of the group which represents buyers and sellers of luxury properties in Los Angeles and Orange County. The Complete Netflix series, Selling Sunsets, is based on The Oppenheim Group which premiered on March 22, 2019. He has been awarded several times for his remarkable talent. For the years 2020-2021, he was recognized as the Best Real Estate Agent worldwide by the International Property Awards.

Moving back into time, Jason’s Great Great-Great-Grandfather Jacob Stern shifted to Hollywood in 1889.

Full Name

Jason Oppenheim

Nick Name



April 12, 1977,


Palo Alto, California





Famous For

American Real Estate Broker


He is well known for his multiple relations with his co-workers. Before dating Chrishell, Jason was in a serious relationship with one of his agents named “ Mary Fitzgerald”. The two eloped when they were working together in the same office. As always it didn’t last long and Mary got engaged after her breakup with him. However, they two are still friends now. 

Jason and Chrishell had a dramatic start to their relationship. Chrishell was a successful realtor and started working for The Oppenheim Group in 2018. At first, they both became friends. Jason was always there for her whenever she had breakups and every bad time she had. The conversations went deeper and they both became Best friends. It didn’t take long to turn their friendship into a serious relationship.

Chrishell Stause

Terrina Chrishell Stause is a well-known Realtor turned Actress. She had a great experience working in the real estate business. Things got better when she joined The Oppenheim Group in 2018, where she met Jason and soon they both turned into love birds. She got a chance to act in Selling Sunsets along with the other cast where she proved to be a versatile actress. Although this wasn’t the first time she acted, she has been acting in various soap and series as well.

In April 2013, it was announced that Stause had joined the cast of NBC soap Days of Our Lives. Her character, Jordan Ridgeway, first appeared in Salem on August 15, 2013.

In 2015, she appeared in a guest spot on the ABC prime-time soapy drama Mistresses. In April 2016, it was announced that Stause would be joining the cast of The Young and the Restless as Bethany Bryant, debuting in late May. She last appeared on August 17, 2016.

She had a rough experience in relationships from the starting. At first, she was engaged to Matthew Morrison from December 2006 to 2007, and then they broke up. The reason for their breakup remains unclear. 

As the time flew away, she confirmed that she and Justin Hartley were dating in 2014, got engaged in 2016, and even got married on October 28, 2017. But this also didn’t last long as Hartley filed for divorce in 2019. She made allegations that hartley told her about the Divorce 45 minutes before the media blew up the news. Both of Stause’s parents died from lung cancer between 2019 and 2020. She has stated several times on her Instagram that her father adopted her at birth and she has yet to meet her biological father. She is of Spanish and Japanese descent from her biological father’s side.



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Beginning of Love 

Jason had been really friendly with Chrishell since she started working for him. She had a lot of breakups and Jason was there to handle the situation and gave her a shoulder to cry on. 

“Chrishell and I became close friends and it has developed into an amazing relationship,” he told Us Weekly in July 2021 statement when he confirmed they were dating. “I care about her deeply and we’re very happy together.”

Jason in various interviews confirmed that He loves her and this time the relationship got serious like never before. 

On a trip to Italy with Fitzgerald and her husband, Stause and Jason made it public in July 2021. “Nothing makes me more excited than to see two of my closest friends together and making each other so happy!” Fitzgerald commented via Instagram.

Bonnet added, “So happy for you guys! Finally, people will stop with Jason and Mary hopefully.”

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The Couple’s relationship is widely shown in the Netflix series in which immediate pressure could be observed on them regarding their future plans. Chrishell has spent her childhood in poverty and she eagerly wants to have a child so that she can fulfill his/her demands and provide a lavish childhood. Jason’s mother was even seen asking him about grandchildren.

Whereas Jason has a different perspective of life. He says that he didn’t want to have a child. This made Chrishell furious and she stated that If he was not ready to have kids then this is going to end.

In a story on his own Instagram page, Oppenheim said Stause was “the most amazing girlfriend I’ve ever had” but corroborated the couple had “different wants”.

“While Chrishell and I are no longer together we remain best friends and will always love and support one another,” he wrote.“She was the most amazing girlfriend I’ve ever had and it was the happiest and most fulfilling relationship of my life.



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