Jerry Mathers Net Worth: Know About His Age And How Much Wealth He Earned In 2022!

Jerry Mathers Net Worth: Today, we look at how much money the famous and iconic actor Jerry Mathers from “Leave It to Beaver” has. Leave It to Beaver is an American TV show that ran from 1957 to 1963. If you haven’t seen it, you should. The show follows the lives of the Cleaver family, which includes father Ward, mother June, and their sons Wally and Theodore “Beaver” Cleaver.

Jerry Mathers played Beaver, and because of the show, he became a well-known actor. People liked how the show shows how middle-class families lived in the 1950s and 1960s. Let’s take a look at this actor’s career and wealth without further ado. Along with this, Lil Baby’s Net Worth is also the most googled topic nowadays.

Jerry’s Early Life And The Start Of A Career

Jerry Mathers was born in Sioux City, Iowa, in 1948. He grew up in Los Angeles, California, in the San Fernando Valley. He has a sister, two brothers, and one other brother. At the age of two, he started his career as a child model in an ad for a department store. After that, he was in a commercial for PET Milk with a clown named Ed Wynn.

Mathers made an uncredited appearance in the comedy Western film “Son of Paleface” when he was four years old. He also played a trick-or-treater on an episode of “The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet” for Halloween.

Soon after, he was in movies like “This is My Love,” with Linda Darnell and Dan Duryea, “The Seven Little Foys,” with Bob Hope, and “The Trouble with Harry,” a dark comedy by Alfred Hitchcock in which he played a boy who finds a dead body near his home. In the crime movie “The Shadow on the Window,” he played a boy who is traumatized after seeing his mother get scared.

Let Beaver Do It

In 1957, Mathers got his big break when he was cast as “Beaver” Cleaver on “Leave it to Beaver.” Beaver was the young son of June and Ward Cleaver and Wally’s brother. Mathers reportedly got the part after telling the show’s producers that he would rather be at his Club Scout meeting than at the audition. His honesty won them over, and they gave him the part.

Over the course of six years and 234 episodes, Mathers played the character. He was the first child actor to have a deal that gave him a certain amount of money from the sales of merchandise from a TV show.

“Leave it to Beaver” is still very popular. It is shown in more than 80 countries and in more than 40 languages. Mathers and Barbara Billingsley, who played his mother on the show, stayed friends. Besides this, Are you interested to read about Scott Frost’s Divorce?

Jerry’s Education And Service In The Military

Mathers stopped acting for a short time when he was a teenager so that he could focus on high school. He went to Notre Dame High School in Sherman Oaks, California, where he was the leader of a band called Beaver and the Trappers. In 1966, he joined the United States Air Force Reserve while he was still in school. After he graduated, he kept serving and worked his way up to Sergeant. Later, in 1973, he went to the University of California at Berkeley, where he got a Bachelor of Arts in philosophy.

What About His Personal Life?

Jerry Mathers Net Worth

Mathers married Diana Platt, a girl he met in college, for the first time in 1974. In 1981, they got a divorce. Mathers later married Rhonda Gehring, whom he met while on tour with “So Long, Stanley.” Noah, Mercedes, and Gretchen were their three kids. In 1997, they split up. Mathers got married for the third time to Teresa Modnick in 2011.

Mathers was told he had Type 2 diabetes in 1996. The next year, he signed up for a Jenny Craig weight loss program and lost more than 40 pounds. So, he became the first man to speak on behalf of the brand. In 2009, he became the national spokesperson for the Partnership for Prescription Assistance program of Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America.

Jerry’s Mathers Back To Fun Things

After working as a loan officer for a commercial bank and as a real estate developer, Mathers started acting again in 1978. In the same year, he was in an episode of the TV show “Flying High” and a production of the play “Boeing, Boeing” in Kansas City with Tony Dow, who he had worked with on “Leave it to Beaver.”

After this, Mathers toured for a year and a half with Dow in the production of “So Long, Stanley.” In 1981, he worked as a disc jockey in Anaheim, California. He was also in “The Girl, the Gold Watch, and Dynamite,” a made-for-TV fantasy movie with Philip MacHale and Lee Purcell.

Mathers played the Beaver again in the 1983 TV movie “Still the Beaver,” which had most of the original cast back together. Due to the success of the movie, a new series was made about the Beaver. It started on the Disney Channel in 1984 and was later picked up by TBS and broadcast syndication.

The show ran for 101 episodes and was renamed “The New Leave it to Beaver.” It ended in 1989. Mathers also played the Beaver in an episode of “The Love Boat” during this time.

What Is Jerry Mathers’ Net Worth?

Jerry Mathers is an American actor who works on TV, in movies, and on stage. He is worth $3 million. Jerry Mathers is best known for playing the young Theodore “Beaver” Cleaver on the TV show “Leave it to Beaver.”

He was also in episodes of shows like “The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet,” “General Electric Theater,” “Lassie,” “My Three Sons,” and “The War at Home.” Mathers could be seen on the big screen as a child in “This is My Love,” “The Trouble with Harry,” and “The Shadow on the Window.” Apart from thois, Have you heard about Peter Guber Net Worth?


The public and audience are usually interested in celebrities’ fitness, dieting, lifestyles, and net worth. Jerry Mathers’ net worth is roughly $3 million, and he is an American actor and singer.

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