Is Jesse James Keitel A Transgender Female? Which Gender Did The Queer As Folk Star Inherit At Birth?

Jesse James Keitel Gender: Jesse James Keitel is a well-known American actor, writer, and artist. She is most known for her role on the television show Queer as Folk. She is particularly well-known for her performance in the short film Miller & Son, directed by Asher Jelinksy. For this role, she was awarded the BAFTA Student Film Award.

At the 2019 Student Academy Awards, she was also given the gold medal for ‘Best Narrative,’ which is an honor given out by the organization. In addition to this, it is well known that Keitel is the only non-binary actor to ever play a non-binary series regular role in a primetime television show.

The subject of her gender and sexuality has, despite her rising popularity, continued to be among the most common inquiries from her devoted followers. Along with this, Donna Mcgraw Madsen is also the most googled topic nowadays.

Who Is Jesse James Keitel?

Jesse was born on the island of Long in the state of New York, USA, on June 26, 1993. She likes to keep her personal life quiet, so not much is known about her childhood. Because of this, she doesn’t know anything about her ancestors. When he was born, was Jesse James Keitel a man or a woman?

No one knows for sure what the actress was at birth. She’s never talked about it because she’s always been too embarrassed. Still, she has never said anything about the idea that she was born a boy. Besides this, Are you interested to read about Jerry Springer’s Net Worth?

Still, she doesn’t think of herself as either male or female, and she has always fought against being given a gender. The American actor went to the well-known Pace University in New York to get his education. She got a BA in Fine Arts with an emphasis on performance. As of 2015, she’s done with school.

Jesse James Keitel Career

Jesse’s impressive acting career began in 2013, and since then she has been in many movies and TV shows. Most of her fame comes from her roles in Miller & Son, which won the Student Academy Award, and ABC’s crime shows Big Sky.

She plays Jerrie Kennedy on Big Sky right now. James was on Out Magazine’s Out100 list for 2018 because he played two gay characters in the Netflix movie Alex Strangelove.

She has also won the BAFTA Student Film Award, the Student Academy Award Gold Medal, and the Student Academy Award Gold Medal.

Is Jesse James Keitel A Transgender Man?

Jesse James Keitel is not a transgender man; rather, she identifies as non-binary and uses the pronouns she and her to refer to herself. Jesse James Keitel is not a transgender guy. Keitel has consistently rejected the notion that she should be classified as either a male or a woman.

Instead, she has chosen to be recognized as a non-binary person so that she is not associated with being either a man or a woman. She does not identify with either gender. In a similar vein, the actress, who is now 28 years old, refers to herself as “her” while referring to herself using the pronoun “her.”

From this, we can glean a suggestion that she would rather be connected with the female gender to some degree than a guy. This is because she prefers to have people think of her as a woman.

Jesse James Keitel Gender At Birth: Boy Or Girl?

Although the actor Jesse James Keitel has never fully addressed the topic, there are rumors that she had a male gender at the time of her birth. It would appear that Keitel has neither confirmed nor denied the rumors, which means that there is always room for discussion regarding their veracity.

However, the likelihood that she was born as a boy and made the decision later in life to identify as non-binary and express herself in a manner that is more feminine is higher. In her younger years, she had a physical appearance that, to a certain extent, was more akin to that of a male than a girl.

However, the real confirmation regarding Keitel’s birth gender is not known at this time. Apart from this, Have you heard about Muni Long’s Husband?

Jesse James Keitel Partner: Love Life Explored

Jesse James Keitel Gender

It has been stated that actress Jesse James Keitel has been in a relationship with her boyfriend AJ Lebenns for over a decade at this point. In 2010, Keitel and her lover Lebenns began dating, and in 2019, when they revealed that they had been swapping rings, they can officially call themselves engaged.

Even though the pair have not discussed their wedding preparations just yet, it appears like they are taking advantage of every moment that they have together. They appear to be planning to spend the rest of their lives together, as evidenced by the numerous photographs of them that have been posted on various social media platforms and in other web sources.

They have been living together in New York City for some time now. Unfortunately, little information regarding AJ’s professional experience has been made public up to this point; but, judging by his good looks and confident demeanor, he appears to be a model.


There have been claims that actor Jesse James Keitel was born with male genitalia, a claim she has never directly addressed. Keitel appears to have done nothing to corroborate or deny the reports, leaving their reality open to speculation.

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