John Aniston Net Worth: How Much Money Aniston Have?

John Aniston Net Worth: In the United States, Greek-American actor John Aniston became a household name thanks to the NBC soap opera “Days of Our Lives.” Despite his own acting career, Aniston has recently benefited from the fame of his famous daughter Jennifer Aniston.

To get back to old Aniston, his birth name was Giannis Anastasakis, and he was born on the Greek island of Crete. As a young boy, he was completely enthralled by the theatre. After finishing high school, he went on to Pennsylvania State University, where he majored in theatre arts and received a bachelor’s degree.

After a short stint in the US Navy, he moved on to a career in acting. Over the years, he has appeared as a guest star on a wide variety of television programmes and has contributed to a number of different projects. On “Days of Our Lives,” however, he became well-known as Eric Richard.

After that, he made an appearance in “Love of Life” as Eddie Aleata. He was given a second chance at “Days of Our Lives” thanks to his portrayal of Victor Kiriakis, who became a fan favourite.

For over three decades, the show has given John Aniston a chance to showcase his acting chops and interact with his fans. He was also nominated for an Emmy for the same work.

John Aniston Net Worth
John Aniston Net Worth

John Aniston Early Life

John Aniston, whose birth name was Giannis Anastasakis, was born to parents Stella Joanne and Antonios Anastasakis in Crete in the Greek city of Chania on July 24, 1933. When he was only two, his father changed his name to sound more English.

Near the same time, the family immigrated to the United States and set up shop in Chester, Pennsylvania. He completed his secondary education with a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre from Pennsylvania State University. You may also read Jay Leno’s Net Worth

While in college, he joined the Alpha Chi Rho fraternity. After finishing college, he joined the United States Navy and served as an intelligence officer in Panama and later in the reserve, where he eventually became a lieutenant commander.

John Aniston Career

In the 1960s, John Aniston began his acting career. He has guest-starring roles on episodes like The 87th Precinct Officer, Combat!, Love with the Proper Stranger, I Spy, Mission: Impossible, and That Girl. He also made an appearance in the TV movie “Now You See It, Now You Don’t.”

Aniston’s depiction of Eric Richard on “Days of Our Lives” catapulted him to popularity, despite his numerous guest appearances on other shows and series. The show helped him get fame and recognition in his field.

When “Love of Life” cast its lead character in 1975, he was cast as Eddie Aleata. The series helped Aniston breakthrough after years of trying. It aired from 1972 until 1978. He was in two episodes of “Kojak” at once.

Aniston played Mary Stuart’s new love interest Martin Tourneur in “Search for Tomorrow,” following her role in “Love of Life.” In 1979, he first appeared on screen as the character, and he continued to do so until April 1984. In 1985, “Days of Our Lives” welcomed John Aniston back, this time for the role of Victor Kiriakis.

He’s been in the role for over 30 years and isn’t planning on stopping anytime soon. In 1985, Aniston appeared as Colonel Arturo Alzar on the TV show “Airwolf.” In the ’90s, John Aniston was a guest star on a few TV episodes like ‘Diagnosis Murder,’ ‘Fired Up,’ and ‘LA Heat. Along with this, you may read our other articles like Tim Allen’s Net Worth

He reprised his role as Victor Kiriakis in the TV movie Night Sins. Some of the shows he has guest starred on include: Gilmore Girls, My Big Fat Greek Life, Star Trek: Voyager, Sands of Oblivion, American Dreams, Journeyman, and Mad Men. ‘Return to Zero,’ a 2014 drama film, was his most recent appearance as Ned.

John Aniston Personal Life

In 1965, Nancy Dow and John Aniston tied the knot. They struck gold when they had Jennifer Aniston, an actress who has now become famous. Their marriage eventually failed, though, and they split up in 1980.

John Aniston Net Worth
John Aniston Net Worth

For his 1984 wedding, John Aniston chose Sherry Rooney. She was a co-star of his on the set of “Love of Life,” which is where they first met. Their son Alexander was born.

John Aniston Net Worth

John Aniston, a Greek American actor, is Jennifer Aniston’s father and is worth $10 million.

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