What Is Broncos Legend John Elway’s Net Worth? How Wealthy Is He In 2022?

John Elway Net Worth: John Elway Jr. used to be the quarterback for the Denver Broncos in the NFL. He was picked up by the Baltimore Ravens in the first round of the 1983 NFL Draft, but then he was traded to the Denver Broncos.

The two-time Super Bowl winner quit American football in 1999, after 16 years of being known as one of the best quarterbacks in the League’s history. Elway set a lot of records that haven’t been broken yet. In 2008, he was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame for his great play.

John Elway came back to the Denver Broncos in 2010 after he had retired. This time, he was the team’s general manager and executive vice president. In 2016, the Broncos won their third Super Bowl because of the decisions he made and the plans he made off the field. Along with this, Bella Hadid Net Worth is also the most googled topic nowadays.

John Elway’s Early Life

John Elway and his twin sister were born at the same time in Port Angeles, Washington, on June 28, 1960. John grew up with his twin and an older sister. From a young age, he saw his father do well as a football coach. John’s father, Jack, was a football coach for the University of Montana and Washington State. This meant that John’s family moved around the United States.

John Elway was a great quarterback in high school. He was known as a “dual threat” because he could pass and run with equal skill. During high school, Elway also learned how to play baseball well. When it was time for him to graduate, dozens of colleges offered him football scholarships.

He ended up at Stanford University, where he was the team’s star quarterback. Even though his last game for Stanford was ruined by a controversial play that led to a loss, he still had a great record that caught the eye of the NFL. He also kept getting better at baseball and earned a bachelor’s degree in economics.

How John Gained Fame In His Career?

The Baltimore Colts picked John Elway in the 1983 Draft, but he then did something controversial to get them to trade him right away. He even said he would play baseball for the New York Yankees if he wasn’t traded. Elway still had the chance to become a professional baseball player. He was eventually traded to the Denver Broncos, which was what he wanted.

Elway had a hard time becoming the Broncos’ starting quarterback at the start of his career with the team. But when Steve DeBerg hurt his shoulder, John Elway took over and led the team to the Super Bowl in 1986. Besides This, Are you interested to read about Apex Stat Tracker?

In 1987, the Broncos went to the Superbowl again, but they lost again. In 1989, they went back to the Super Bowl, but this time they lost, which was pretty disheartening. At this point in his career, Elway was still very young, and some people didn’t think he would ever win the Superbowl.

But over the next few years, he slowly got more and more valuable experience and confidence. In 1997, he led his team back to the Super Bowl, where they finally won. Again, Elway didn’t do as well as he could have, but it didn’t matter. The Broncos won the game. The next year, when Elway won the Super Bowl again, it was one of the best games he had ever played. In his last game, he was named MVP.

John Elway’s Personal Life

John Elway Net Worth

In 1984, Elway married Janet Buchan, who went to Stanford University and swam for the school’s team. In 2002, they broke up, and in 2003, they got a divorce. Jessica, Jordan, Jack, and Juliana are their four kids. Jana, Elway’s twin sister, got lung cancer and died in the summer of 2002. She was 42 years old. A year ago, John’s father, Jack, died of what seemed to be a heart attack.

Elway met Paige Green, who used to cheer for the Oakland Raiders, at a celebrity golf tournament in Los Angeles in 2005. The tournament was put on by former Raiders running back Marcus Allen.  In September 2008, they got engaged in Italy, and they got married in August 2009.

What Is John Elway’s Net Worth?

American businessman John Elway had a net worth of $150 million. He is one of the best quarterbacks to play in the 20th century. In the last 10 years of the 20th century, he was thought to be the best quarterback. John Elway is his name. The amount of money John Elway has is about $150 million.

John Elway was born in Port Angeles, Wash., on June 20, 1960. He was not an only child. He was born with a twin sister named Jenna. He was the son of a college football coach, and his father taught him how to play football from the start. When he was just five years old, he learned how to catch and throw the ball.

In 1983, he was on the All-Star team. He was picked up by the Denver Broncos in the same year as their quarterback. He was the quarterback for the Denver Broncos from 1983 until he retired in 1999. During that time, he led the team to two straight Super Bowl wins.

He still has more than 10 Broncos records. Three times, he has been named player of the year. In 1993, he was named MVP. Six times, he was up for Most Valuable Player. Apart from this, Have you heard about kendall Jenner Scorpio Tattoo?

John Elway’s Car Dealerships

John Elway opened five car lots and called them all “John Elway Autos.” The dealerships were sold to AutoNation for $82.5 million in 1997. They were in Denver. AutoNation could also use John Elway’s name as a marketing tool until 2006. After the deal ended in 2006, Elway was able to go back into the car business under his own name.

In the years that followed, John opened two Toyota Scion dealerships in California, a Chevrolet dealership in Colorado, a Chrysler Jeep dealership in Colorado, and a Cadillac franchise under the Sonic Automotive brand name.


During his time as a football player, John Elway has made $150 million. Between his salary and endorsement deals, he made about $200 million.

He later took over as manager of the Denver Broncos, a job he still has. His current deal is for ten years and 30 million dollars. His salary is somewhere between 3 and 3 million dollars a year.

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