Joni Lamb New Boyfriend; Pics Uploaded on Instagram!

Joni Lamb Reveals On Instagram That She Is Engaged...

Joni Lamb New Boyfriend; Pics Uploaded on Instagram! In this article, you will learn about Joni Lamb’s current boyfriend and also what she revealed on Instagram about her being engaged.

Joni Lamb hinted in an Instagram post that she was going to marry Douglas Weiss, also known as Dr. Doug Weiss. We learn more about who he is. The presenter is best known for being an executive producer at Daystar Television Network and for hosting the Christian talk show Joni Table Talk.

But outside of her work in the media, people are very interested in her personal life after she hinted on Instagram and Twitter about some very exciting personal news.

We find out more about Doug Weiss, Joni Mitchell’s partner.

Joni Lamb’s New Boyfriend; So who is Joni Lamb dating at the moment?

To the best of our knowledge, Joni Lamb is currently engaged to Doug and shared a post on her Instagram and captioned it as,

“Yes, God has brought a godly man into my life. Hear the story on Table Talk with me and those who have traveled this unexpected journey with me. Be sure to watch Table Talk tonight at 8:30 pm ET as I share a special announcement under the leadership of @PsJimmyEvans,” 

The religious figurehead of the United States entered the world on July 19, 1960, in Texas. She started and ran the Christian network Daystar Television, hosting shows like Joni Table Talk and Marcus & Joni.

Meet Dr. Doug Weiss

Doug is a licensed psychologist, author, TV host, and international speaker who has been helping people for more than 30 years. He started Heart to Heart Counseling Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and is now its executive director.

He is an expert on marriage problems and has helped people from all over the world. He has also been on a lot of TV shows, such as Oprah, Dr. Phil, and Good Morning America. Aside from counseling, he has written more than 20 books on how to get over an addiction. He has also written books and made DVDs for married and young people.

Source: HITC News

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Is He On Social Media?

Yes, Doug is on both Instagram and Twitter, and he uses both to spread the word about the work he does.

You can find him on both Twitter and Instagram under the handle @drdougweiss. You can also use the link below to go to his Instagram page.

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