What Is Josh Flagg Net Worth In 2022? Is Josh Getting Divorce From Bobby Boyd?

Josh Flagg Net Worth: Joshua Daniel Flagg is an American real estate agent, TV personality, author, and contributor to several real estate magazines and news sites. He was born on August 20, 1985. He was in the show Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles from the beginning. It airs on the Bravo network.

In Los Angeles, the show follows young real estate agents as they sell expensive homes. Flagg has been named by The Wall Street Journal and The Hollywood Reporter as one of the top 25 real estate agents in the country and one of the top agents in California based on sales volume. Along with this, Jared Kushner’s Net Worth is also the most googled topic nowadays.

Josh Flagg Early Life

Josh Flagg was born in Los Angeles, Calif., on August 20, 1985. He was born in Los Angeles to Michael and Cindy (Platt) Flagg. He is the grandson of philanthropist, electronics industry executive, and Jewish leader Herman Platt and the great-grandson of Benjamin Platt, who started and owned the nationwide Platt Music Corporation chain of stores.

On his father’s side, Flagg is the grandson of Edith Flagg, an American who was born in Romania and worked in the fashion industry. She is best known for being one of the first designers to bring polyester into the United States as a fashion fabric.

Later, Edith and her grandson became known for their recurring roles on Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles. Flagg grew up in Los Angeles, where he went to the private Brentwood School in the Brentwood neighborhood. Flagg moved out of Brentwood in 2003 and went to Beverly Hills High School. He graduated from there the next year.

How Josh Flagg Gained Fame In His Career?

Flagg started working as a real estate agent when he was 18 years old. He sold homes in high-end areas like Beverly Hills and the Sunset Strip. Flagg started his career in real estate while he was still in high school, working for real estate broker Bruce Nelson at the John Bruce Nelson firm in Bel Air. In 2007, he worked for a short time at the Coldwell Banker Beverly Hills East office.

Flagg has had many record sales as a real estate agent, including the largest sale in the history of Brentwood Park and a residential sale in Beverly Hills for $25 million. Besides this, Are you interested to read about John Elway’s Net Worth?

 He has also been the listing agent for well-known estates, such as the Bel Air estate of Merv Griffin and the Dorothy Chandler Estate in Hancock Park.  He has also sold homes to famous people like Adam Levine, Steve Aoki, Shonda Rhymes, Tom Ford, and Shonda Rhymes.

In 2009, Flagg started working at Keller Williams Westside in Los Angeles, California. There, he started “Josh Flagg Estates.” Forbes says that Flagg has sold more than $1 billion worth of real estate over the course of his career.  Later, he went to work for Rodeo Realty.

In 2006, Flagg and two other real estate agents, Madison Hildebrand and Chad Rogers, were chosen to be the stars of a reality TV show about their jobs. They started filming for the show Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles, and it first aired on Bravo in August 2006. The show kept going with the same cast until Season 4 when Flagg and Hildebrand were joined by Josh Altman.

When Season 6 ended in 2013, Hildebrand left the show, leaving only Flagg from the original cast. James Harris and David Parnes joined Flagg and Altman for Season 7.  In 2017, the 10th season of the show aired. Flagg, Harris, Hildebrand, and Parnes all came back, and real estate agent Tracy Tutor joined the cast.

Josh Flagg’s Personal Life

Josh Flagg Net Worth

Flagg lives in Beverly Hills, California, and in January 2013, he bought a small house from David Katzenberg, who is the son of Jeffrey Katzenberg and a writer and producer. In 2015, he sold the property to Bijan Pakzad’s son, Nicolas Pakzad. In June 2015, Flagg bought the estate of Michael Fierman, a producer who had won a Tony Award.

The estate is near Paul McCartney’s home, which he bought from Courtney Love. It is on a street where celebrities like Don Johnson, Prince, and Ozzy Osbourne have lived in the past or live now. Flagg also owns the penthouse that belonged to his late grandmother in the Century Towers building in Century City.

Flagg is gay and has been open about it since March 2011. Flagg asked his boyfriend, Bobby Boyd, to marry him during a flash mob at the Four Seasons Hotel George V in July 2016. The wedding took place at the Beverly Hills Hotel in LA on September 10, 2017. In March 2022, the couple said they were getting a divorce.

Flagg is a collector of fine art, rare cars, and Billy Haines furniture. He is one of the most well-known collectors in the country. He has been to more than sixty countries and likes to design buildings and homes.

What Is Josh Flagg’s Net Worth?

Josh Flagg is an American media personality and real estate agent with a net worth of $35 million. Josh Flagg is known as one of the most successful real estate agents in California. Over the course of his career, he has gained a lot of fame, success, and money. Even though Josh Flagg is a reality TV star, he is the real deal and knows everything there is to know about the real estate market.

He also shares his knowledge in a number of real estate magazines. Josh Flagg is also a well-known author who has written a lot of books. Josh had helped sell more than $1 billion worth of property during his career.

What About Josh Flagg’s App And Real Estate?

Flagg also made an app called “Star Maps” which did well. Using GPS, this app lets users find homes owned by celebrities. Tourists like this app because it takes them from mansion to mansion and tells them interesting things about each property and its history. Flagg made the app by using what he knew about the real estate market.

The information is also taken from public municipal records. In 2015, Josh bought a home in Beverly Hills for $4.4 million. A few months later, he sold it for $1.1 million more than he paid for it. Josh bought a $7 million house in Beverly Hills in July 2018. The house was built in 1928 and has 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, and a total living space of 4,500 square feet.

Josh moved out of the house he shared with Bobby Boyd and into the Beverly Hills Hotel after they broke up. In March 2022, he paid $9.2 million for a new mansion in Beverly Hills. This 7-bedroom, the 8-bathroom mansion is 7,000 square feet big. Apart from this, Have you heard about Matt Ryan’s Net Worth?


Josh Flagg is an American media personality and real estate agent with a net worth of $35 million. Josh Flagg is known as one of the most successful real estate agents in California. Over the course of his career, he has gained a lot of fame, success, and money.

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