Justin Bieber Makes $200 Million From The Sale Of Song Rights

Hipgnosis Songs Capital has purchased Justin Bieber’s portion of his music rights for an estimated $200 million from Bieber.

The company has acquired the singer’s rights to several of his most successful songs, including “Baby” and “Sorry.”

One of the most successful musicians of the twenty-first century, Bieber, is among a growing number of artists who have profited from their back catalogues.

Hipgnosis will now be compensated whenever a song containing their intellectual property is played publicly.

The company, a $1 billion joint venture between the financial powerhouse Blackstone and the British Hipgnosis Song Management, bought the publishing copyrights to all 290 of Bieber’s previously released songs. Let’s dig deep into Justin Bieber Makes $200 Million From The Sale Of Song Rights.

That includes his writer’s cut of any songs he has released before December 31, 2021.

The deal also included the acquisition of the artist’s rights to the star’s master recordings.

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A source told the news agency AFP that the deal was worth around $200 million, but Hipgnosis has not commented on the amount.

Artists like Justin Timberlake and Shakira, who have both signed deals with Hipgnosis, are among the growing number of creators who are selling ownership stakes in their work to music funds.

However, this pattern is more prevalent among established musicians. The legendary Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen have both sold Sony the rights to their back catalogues in the past two years.

Springsteen made $500 million (£376 million) from the sale of his catalogue.

  • Bob Dylan(Instagram Account) sells his master recordings to Sony Music
  • Bruce Springsteen sells his music rights for $500m

The Hipgnosis Songs Fund is amassing a library of chart-topping tracks, and it wants major institutional investors to profit from it.

In July 2018, the fund was listed on the London Stock Exchange.

The company’s namesake founder, Merck Mercuriadis, has said that popular songs are “more valuable than gold or oil.”

In a statement announcing the new contract, he said, “The impact of Justin Bieber on global culture over the last 14 years has truly been remarkable.”

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