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Social media is that powerful platform that can either make you a superstar or an ignominy, all depending on its usage. In today’s time, social media plays a paramount role in an individual’s life and also acts as a way to success for many, same was in the case of the famous influencer we are going to talk about today who is Kassandra Rivera.

Kassandra is a social media baron and her full name is Kassandra Rivera. Her natal day comes on 17 March and she was born in the year 2003. The reason that plays a vital role in her fame is that she is a celebrity kid. She was born in LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, and is also called Kassey by her loved ones or family members. In the year 2022, she attains the age of 19 years. It is believed that she was born with a silver spoon in her mouth.

Kassandra Rivera Family, Parents, And Siblings

 Her mother Rosie Rivera is a well-known American Television personality and a businesswoman. Moreover, Rosie Rivera is also a founder and CEO of Jenni Rivera Enterprises and her net worth is around $10 million approximately. Jenni was Rosie’s sister who was killed in a plane crash at the point when she was at the heights of her career success, after her death, Rosie took over the enterprises as she wanted to keep that working in the memory of her sister. Kassandra’s father Ricky Rodriguez and her mother Rosie Rivera do not live together anymore. Her mother moved on from the broken marriage and started a new married life with her step dad Abel Flores in 2011. Kassey has 2 siblings named Samantha Chay Flores who was born in 2013 and  Elias Melek Flores born in 2015. If we talk about mother and daughter bonding it is very strong between Kassandra and her mother. On the other hand , she is not very close to her father.

Kassandra Rivera Earnings And Career

Kassandra Rivera

Kassandra is a social media personality, a star kid as well as she was also seen as an American TV Host. Networth of this teenager is around $1million approximately which she earns through various sources mentioned above, but social media makes the majority of her revenue. She earns around $10k per month and $120k annually. Furthermore, she was also listed in the top celebrity’s net worth as she also earns from her shows and enterprises. She also appeared in some reality shows like Famosa, Latina, etc. She also has a huge mass following on Instagram which is around 238K.

Kassandra Rivera Education

She has already completed her studies but the name of the school is not yet known.  Moreover, she graduated from high school in the year 2021 . Her plans for college or the future are not yet known. It is possible that she would be continuing as a  social media influencer.

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Kassandra Rivera Nationality And Personality

 Real Name Kassandra Rivera
Net Worth $1 million
Birthday March 17, 2003
Birthplace USA
Age 19
 Height 5ft 8in
Nationality American
Profession social media personality, Celebrity Star Kid, American TV host and a business personality woman

 Kassey’s nationality is American and her zodiac sign is Pisces. Moreover, She is a 5 feet 8-inch tall girl with white skin and brown eyes. She is a fashion model and therefore, has an attractive personality. Whereas, her blonde hair is ice on the cake and suits very much on her good physique as well as fair skin tone. Moreover, it is also believed that she is a fitness freak and maintained her weight  around 57kg approximately. Her body measurement is expected to be Bust -34 inches , waist – 24 inches, and hips-34 inches. Her Instagram clearly shows that she is a person with a positive attitude. Kassey is a little shy as an individual, as very little is known about her. Additionally , she is very well aware of the technique to ignore haters and trolls. She has a Net worth of about $1 million.

Kassandra Rivera Relationship Status

According to the information available at present , It is strongly believed that the teen girl is still single. Moreover, she never spoke anything about her links in an interview. As she is very much active on Instagram and keeps updating about her life no post or story was ever seen which can indicate that she is committed but it is also  very possible that she is hiding about her love life and do not want to disclose it . Furthermore, it is expected that she is confident enough to deal with her life alone just like her mother, and will not date anyone until she achieves the heights of success in her life .

Kassandra Rivera’s Social Media 

Kassandra Rivera

Being a famous social media personality she has a count of 238K people following her on Instagram which is a huge number out of which she is following around 500 people. Her instagram id is @kassey_rivera and has 44 posts in total to date. Moreover, her TikTok account is Tik Tok account @kasseyrivera with 314.9k followers and 415 followings which include family and friends. However, there is no official account for her on Twitter and facebook.

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