Kerala Trans Couple of Ziya & Zahad Proving Love Has No Boundaries

Ziya shared on Instagram that Zahad was pregnant, and she said that this was the first time that a transman in India had become pregnant. The due date is in March. A transgender couple from Kerala named Ziya and Zahad are going to have a baby in March.

Ziya announced this in an Instagram post, saying that this is the first time in India that a transman has gotten pregnant. Ziya, who was born a man but turned into a woman, and Zahad, who was born a woman but turned into a man, have been living together for three years.

Zahad had the baby while he was still in the middle of changing from a woman to a man. Because of the baby, the change stopped. Doctors said it would be possible because Zahad’s uterus was still there even though her breasts had already been taken off.

The trans-couple has decided that breast milk from a milk bank will be given to the baby. “Even though I wasn’t born a woman and didn’t look like one, I had the dream of a woman to hear a child call me “mother.” We haven’t been together in three years.

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He wants to be a father, just like I want to be a mother. Today, an eight-month-old life is moving in his belly with his full consent “Ziya wrote about the process in an Instagram post and thanked everyone who has helped them along the way.

Manorama said that the couple had planned to adopt a baby before and asked about the process. But because they are transgender, the court proceedings were hard for them. Then they thought that Zahad, who was still biologically female, could have a baby, but Zahad didn’t want to go back to being a woman, which he was trying to leave behind.

But Zahad changed his mind when Ziya, who was born a man, said she wanted to be a mother. A group of doctors from the Kozhikode Medical College confirmed that there were no physical problems with getting pregnant, even though both of them were changing genders.

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