How To Complete The Lost In The Sands Quest In Genshin Impact? Is Genshin Releasing New Story Teaser?

Lost In The Sands Genshin: Lost in the Sands is the first quest in the main Golden Slumber questline. You need to finish this quest before you can explore the new desert area and the ruins of Abdju Pit. It’s a long process with a lot of puzzles to solve and winding paths to follow.

You also need to finish this quest to open the Red Desert Threshold in Genshin Impact, which is in Abdju Pit. You need the Scarlet Sand Slate to move forward in this quest. Here’s how to unlock the device and what you need to do to explore and finish the Lost in the Sands quest. Along with this, The Walking Dead Season 11 Part 3 is also the most googled topic nowadays.

How To Unlock The Genshin Impact Lost In Sands Quest?

Talk to Bonifaz in Aaru Village to start the Golden Slumber world quest. You can find him near the Statue of the Seven at the entrance to the village.

Genshin Impact: Steps for the Lost in Sands quest

  • Follow the tracks from the Aaru Village to the Abdju Pit on the road.
  • When you go down into the pit, you’ll see the archaeology team hanging out at a camp.
  • Talk to all three people near the campsite, and then talk to Jeht, who is a little farther back by the entrance to the ruins. Then go back to the campsite.
  • After a cutscene, the doors to the ruins open. Walk across the bridge and use an Anemo attack to remove the sand from the device to open the next doors. Beat the enemy and follow the Seelie.
  • Keep going through the doors and exploring the ruins. Watch out for enemies, and solve a few puzzles to get from one room to the next.
  • Once you’ve talked to Jeht, take the elevator to the room above and use the quest symbol-marked strange machine there.
  • Once you’ve looked around the ruins, tell Jebrael what you found.

Genshin Impact Scarlet Sand Slate Unlock

Lost In The Sands Genshin

After you report what you’ve found, you’ll get the Scarlet Sand Slate, which lets you keep going on your quest and control different things in the ruins. As you keep exploring the ruins, the slate shows you important spots that can be used to clear Primal Barriers and Plinth of the Secret Rites.

That’s how to finish the Lost in the Sands quest in Genshin Impact and get the Scarlet Sand Slate. If you just got the 3.1 updates and got one of the new Genshin Impact characters, here are the best Genshin Impact Cyno build and Genshin Impact Candace build that are currently on the Genshin Impact banner. You can also see where they stand on our list of the best and worst Genshin Impact characters. Besides this, Are you interested to read about  Xbox 360 Servers still up?

Continue Exploring Lost In The Sands Guide

In the latest update to Genshin Impact, there are a lot of new quests, and one of them is Continue Exploring Lost In The Sands. This is part of a game quest called “Lost in the Sands,” which you have to finish. In the new update, you will be able to explore the new location of the Ruins, which has a quest line called Lost in the Sands.

Continuing Exploring Lost In The Sands is the next step. As the name suggests, it is a continuation of the last exploration quest. You will need to look for more clues deeper in the ruins.

At this point in the quest, you need to move forward into the ruins and find a door. You need to turn on a device that is close by. As soon as you do that, the door in front of you will open. Follow the path to move forward while getting rid of the enemies that are in the way. When you get to the end of the line, you’ll see a room with an elevator. You will have to turn it on first before it will work.

Some of the torches here need to be hit with fire, and the electric one needs to be hit with electricity first, then with fire. Take what’s in the chest and keep going until you reach a cutscene. The quest Keep Exploring Lost In The Sands ends there.

How To Do “Desert Vivarium” In Genshin Impact?

In Genshin Impact, you need to unlock the “Garden of Endless Pillars” domain and go inside it to do “Desert Vivarium.” Besides This, Have you heard about The Walking Dead Season 11 Part 3?

Once you’re inside, you have to kill all of the monsters and complete the “Collect 14 Dendro Particles in 40 seconds” challenge.

Here are ten steps to follow:

  1. Go into the domain of the Garden of Endless Pillars.
  2. Take care of all the monsters.
  3. Shoot the plant at the top with your bow.
  4. Use the symbol of the four leaves to get on top of the platform.
  5. To start the challenge, press “F.”
  6. Within 40 seconds, gather 14 Dendro Particles.
  7. Take the common chest and put your hand on the blue plant.
  8. Jump on the bouncy mushrooms and the moving platform to get to the next marker.
  9. Kill all the monsters and take the treasure chest.
  10. Get out of the domain.

The Instructor’s Pocket Watch, Hero’s Wit, Teachings of Praxis, and other rewards are in the valuable chest.


In Genshin Impact, the Golden Slumber quest chain is one of the longer ones. It will take you deep into the Sumeru Desert, where you will find old ruins and complicated machines along the way.

Here is our Genshin Impact Golden Slumber Lost in the Sands guide to help you with the puzzles in the Abdju Pit ruins and the Scarlet Sand Slate item.

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