Marrying Millions Season 3 Release Date Status, Cast and More !

In today’s world, we often see love series and marriages of the royal families. So Marrying Millions is the same as that. Although there is less chance to find royal family members, instead we can easily find millionaires. In their life, they know exactly how to live life and what they are actually doing. This story is mainly about six couples who despite being prosperous in their life, all live exactly in different worlds. but one thing is that their partners belong to different backgrounds. Many events occurred before they made the decision to get married. This is pretty sure it will shake the mind of commoners.  

Marrying Millions is an American reality television series that premiered on July 10, 2019, on Lifetime. This show is simple and crosses through the lives of some weird couples who are very rich. The main reason for the popularity of the show is that someone can imagine getting married to someone who is older but has a huge property and a lot of cash.

Marrying Millions Season 3 Characters, Cast

We have detailed information about the previous seasons’ star cast.  Sean Lourdes and Megan Thomas Lourdes are the first couples to appear on the show. Meghan and Sean got engaged and they have a three-year-old son. In contrast, Sean is a very rich man who is the grandson of AUGE, the founder of a media publishing company. And on the other side, Meghan is a yoga instructor. 

Marrying Millions

Shawn Isaac and Kate London

Shaw is 29 years old and is a rapper. Kate London, who is 33 years old, falls in love with  Shaw and she wants to get married as soon as possible. A problem starts when Shawn gives her a fake diamond bracelet. This pair has been seen together in another show named Makeup or Breakup 2017.

Gentille Chhun and Brian Bru (also known as Dave Smith)

Gentille Chhun is a real estate investor in Las Vegas and is dating Brian who is an actor and construction worker. All the friends of the Gentile think Brian is only with her because of her money. Further, in the show, the couple gets engaged but they break up on their wedding day. Many fans contemplate that their relationship is just a gimmick. 

Drew Gemma and Rosie Marin

Drew is a 40-year-old construction and runs landscaping company owner and Rosie is his college graduate girlfriend both met on The couple got engaged on the show and they run away to Costa Rica. Though it remains unclear whether they got married or not.

Bill Hutchinson and Brianna Ramirez

Bill is dating Brianna, a 21 years old beautiful girl. Bill is a 60 years old man and he is the president of Dunhill Partners Inc.They are a very lovely couple on the show and have almost no problems in their relationship.   

Katie Hamilton and Kolton Pierce

Kolton is a 23 years old young boy and friend of Katie’s daughter. Katie is a 37 years old lady and very rich and passionate. Previously she was married to a baseball player named Josh Hamilton. Not much information was revealed about their relationship. 

But, there is not any official announcement related to the star cast of Marrying Millions season 3. The audience can only imagine how many couples will be in the new season from the previous cast. Most chances are to see new romantic couples.  Officially there is no announcement of the Marrying Millions Season 3 cast. Audiences assume that there will be one or two couples of the previous seasons. Mostly we will see new romantic partners. 

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Why Was Marrying Millions Season 3 Delayed?

There are many reasons for delaying the Marrying Millions season 3. No specific reason was given by the production team. Many fans are just imagining that due to the Corona pandemic a new season has been stuck for a long time. And another main reason is that the main character Bill Hutchinson was in dispute. He was arrested for sexual harassment of a 17 years old girl in Texas. Also charged with inappropriate touching. He was a respondent to the rape and sexual assault of two 16 years girls. These charges compel him to sell his Miami home. Bill urges his fans and friends to give him a chance to prove his innocence before the court. These were the reasons, the production team decided to halt this show until the termination of this controversy. 

Marrying Millions Season 3 Review

It’s weirdly interesting and cute, especially when it comes to the couple with the biggest age difference. In real life, there are so many people who are looking to take financial benefits by getting married to rich people. It does not matter if they are dating someone who looks like their grandfather. This is a prodigious concept of the show.

Marrying Millions Season 3 Release Date

Marrying Millions

Viewers are still eagerly waiting for the exact release date of Marrying Millions Season 3. Because many thrills are left about this series, are not declared yet. The awesome response from the subscribers may make the producer’s launch season 3 quickly. The network has not revealed any promotion poster or video. We can assume that the release date should be around the end of 2022 or maybe in early 2023. 

So, we can only depend on the official confirmation. When we get the latest update related to next season, we will post it immediately. Because we update our website on a regular basis. 

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