How Much Met B Current Net Worth? Former Spice Girls Member’s Fortune Revealed!

Mel B Net Worth: Melanie Brown is a singer and actress from England. Brown became famous in the 1990s when she joined the girl group Spice Girls. She was known as “Scary Spice” in the group. The group became the best-selling female group of all time when it sold more than 90 million records around the world.

“Hot,” her first album by herself, came out in 2000. The song “I Want You Back” from the album was the number one single in the UK.nMelanie Brown’s net worth is thought to be about $6 Million as of October 2022. Along with this, Judy Tenuta’s Net Worth is also the most googled topic nowadays.

Mel Brown’s Early Life

Melanie Janine Brown was the daughter of Andrea (formerly Dixon) and Martin Brown. She was born in Hyde Park, which is located in Leeds, and she grew up in the Kirkstall neighborhood of the city. Her mother is from the United Kingdom, while her father is from Saint Kitts & Nevis.

Brown is related to the actor and director Christian Cooke on the level of a first cousin through Cooke’s mother, Di, and Brown’s mother, Andrea, who are sisters. Both of their mothers were named Di. Before beginning a career in the entertainment sector, Brown received his education in performing arts at Intake High School in Bramley, Leeds.

She had a job as a dancer in Blackpool, which is located in Lancashire at one point. Melanie has acknowledged in an interview that in addition to dyslexia and ADHD, she also suffers from dyspraxia.

What About Mel B Career?

Brown became famous when she joined the all-girl band Spice Girls. As a Spice Girl, she was called “Scary Spice” and “Mel B” or “Melanie B” to tell her apart from Melanie C, who was also a Spice Girl. Victoria Beckham, Emma Bunton, Geri Halliwell, and Melanie Chisholm were all in the group Spice Girls.

When the teen band scene was full of boy bands like Take That and East 17, the Spice Girls managed to become a worldwide sensation. Their first big hit was the single “Wannabe,” which came out in 1996. The Spice Girls’ first album, called “Spice,” came out at the end of the 1990s. It sold more than 28 million copies all over the world.

“Spiceworld” came out in 2007 and “Forever” came out in 2000. Brown’s first single as a solo artist was “I Want You Back,” which he recorded with Missy Eliott and put out on Virgin Records. The song was the number-one single in the UK. Besides this, Have you heard about Jake Runyan’s Net Worth?

“The L.A. State of Mind,” her next album, was a big hit. Her most recent jobs include being a judge on Australia’s version of “The X Factor” and “Dancing with the Stars,” as well as a judge on “America’s Got Talent.” Melanie Brown’s net worth is estimated to be around $6 Million as of October 2022.

Mel B Divorce And Financial Status

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In July 2017, a judge told Mel B that she had to pay her ex-husband Stephen Belafonte $40,000 per month in spousal support. During this trial, we found out that Mel had spent most of the money she made at the height of her career, which at one point was more than $30 million.

During the case, Mel had less than $1,300 in her main checking account, which was shown by a petition. Mel was making $240,000 per month as a judge on “America’s Got Talent” at that time, according to the same petition. She still owns 20% of the company that owns Spice Girls as well.

So that she could pay her bills, the judge told Mel and Stephen to leave their $6.5 million Hollywood mansion and sell it. They owed $3 million on the mansion’s loan. Mel filed court papers in July 2018 that show she paid Stephen $422,000 the year before. Mel’s net income for 2017 was NEGATIVE $3.2 million, according to the same filing.

She spent $1.7 million on legal and accounting fees, has $100,000 in credit card debt, and owes the government $800,000. Angel’s father, Eddie Murphy, gave her $250,000 in 2017. That was a strange thing to happen. The documents said that her non-real estate assets were worth $75,000. However, as we already said, she still owns 20% of the Spice Girls.

What Is Mel Brown’s Net Worth?

Melanie Brown is a recording artist, songwriter, dancer, actress, author, television presenter, and model from the United Kingdom who has a net worth of $6 million dollars. Her musical styles include R&B and pop. Apart from this, Are you interested to read about Tia Mowry’s Net Worth?

Melanie Brown is arguably most known to the general public for her time spent performing with the girl group The Spice Girls. She has also released many CDs under her own name, as well as an autobiography in the year 2002 titled “Catch a Fire.”

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does Melanie Brown make?

Melanie Brown is thought to be worth about $6 Million.

2. What’s Melanie Brown’s age?

Melanie Brown was born on May 29, 1975, which makes her 47 years old right now.

3. What is Melanie Brown’s height?

Melanie Brown is 1.65 m tall, which is 5 feet 5 inches.


Melanie Brown is a famous singer, dancer, and actress. Brown is likely best known for being in the pop group The Spice Girls. She had also put out several solo albums and a book about her life called “Catch a Fire,” which came out in 2002. Melanie Brown’s net worth is thought to be about $6 Million as of October 2022.

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