Midnight Fight Express! Here’s How You Can Play It With Xbox Pass

Midnight Fight Express All Side Objectives Detailed

With layers of twin-stick shooting thrown into the mix to amp up the adrenaline, Midnight Fight Express is a distinct Beat-’em-Up that offers the turbulent action you’d expect. There is a lot to see and do throughout the game‘s forty lengthy missions, each of which has its own special challenges and side quests that can net you stylish outfits and clothing options.

In this absurd brawler, there is never a dull moment, and these challenges and goals will keep you playing long after the credits have rolled. What is essentially the endgame content of Midnight Fight Express won’t disappoint you if you like to explore every aspect of a game.

Side Objectives Overview

Midnight Fight Express! Here's How You Can Play It With Xbox Pass

There are a total of four side objectives in Midnight Fight Express that you can complete, including trying to get a S Rank on each mission and engaging in conversation with a random NPC while on a mission. Although each activity is different, they all give you cosmetics, and completing a mission to the fullest gives you a special reward that we will discuss later. Let’s go over what each side objective entails for the time being, though.

Midnight Fight Express :Gold Teeth

In Midnight Fight Express, Gold Teeth are a type of collectible that appear on enemies as you land a finishing blow. There are ten Gold Teeth available for each mission, and you probably won’t get them all the first time. Although it is a random drop, it appears that using Skills will cause them to appear much more frequently. However, standard attacks can also cause them to come out of your opponent’s mouth.When you collect all ten Gold Teeth during a mission, a cosmetic item will become available for purchase in the “Appearance” section of your Hideout. The five cosmetic items you can unlock from each mission add up to a total of forty different items if you manage to collect the Gold Teeth in every level.

Midnight Fight Express :Challenges

Every mission will consist of three distinct challenges that you can complete, each of which will earn you a cosmetic item that you can buy. These tasks can include completing a mission in a certain amount of time, putting plungers in the faces of your opponents, and many other things. Be ready for a variety of challenges; some are simple to complete, while others require a great deal more effort.

Midnight Fight Express All Side Objectives Detailed
Midnight Fight Express All Side Objectives Detailed

In addition, challenges won’t become available for a mission until after you finish it, so you can’t look them up beforehand and complete them on your first try. Additionally, some challenges require you to have particular Skills unlocked in order to complete them, making them the ideal post-game activity since you will have unlocked all of your Skills and be able to easily go back through and complete them.

Midnight Fight Express :Rank

You can also get a special cosmetic item from the “Appearance” shop in the Hideout if you earn a S rank on a mission. The same as the others, if you take on this challenge and develop into a master brawler, you’ll be able to unlock 40 cosmetic items for your character.

Your mission ranking is based on a number of factors, including the level of difficulty you are playing at, how quickly you completed the mission, the variety of your attacks, and much more. After you have finished the three special challenges and gathered all of the Gold Teeth required for the mission, we advise that you proceed to this objective. You will be much more accustomed to the level and be able to approach it with the expertise required to obtain the S Rank.

Midnight Fight Express :Special Characters

Last but not least, some missions will have a variety of Special Characters strewn about the map that you can find and talk to to learn more about the plot. There will be a Special Character you can speak with in 32 of the 40 missions, but don’t count on getting much of a reward for finding them all. Finding and speaking to every Special Character will earn you the achievement “People Person,” but you won’t receive any cosmetic rewards, and your efforts won’t contribute to the mission’s overall progress.

What Doing Everything Unlocks

What good do completing all challenges, collecting all Gold Tooths, and earning a S rank on each mission, exactly? Is that all cosmetics? Generally speaking, yes. But if you complete a mission completely, you’ll receive a Cheat that you can apply to other missions you’ve already finished. Some cheats even give you Bonus Points when you use them, allowing you to complete missions with more score and achieving S Ranks more quickly.

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