Body Recovered In Search For Missing Twins In Galveston Texas

Authorities say they have found a body while looking for two twin brothers who were 13 years old and went missing while swimming off the coast of Texas.

FOX26 Houston says that the body was found in Galveston early on Tuesday morning. It looked and was dressed like one of the children who had gone missing.

Galveston Island Beach Patrol says that a group of people who were walking by saw the body, pulled it back to shore, and then called for help.

The two boys, Josue and Jefferson Perez, were last seen in the water near the Pleasure Pier on Sunday. It’s not clear which boy was found.

KHOU-TV says that the two people, who don’t know how to swim, were in water up to their chests or waists when they were last seen. The government says that no one saw them leave.

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Lt. Austin Kirwin of the Galveston Beach Patrol told FOX 26 that the kids were in the water when their parents lost sight of them for a moment. When the parents looked back up into that area, they didn’t see them any longer.

The search is still going on for the other missing teen. Several groups, like the Galveston County Community Emergency Response Team, the Beach Patrol, and the US Coast Guard, have been involved in the investigation.

“It’s a good ending. We keep in touch with the family and talk to them often, so we can talk to them directly,” Mr. Kirwin said.

“It gives us more hope, but we don’t know what will happen in this water. We did find one. It’s great to hear that. Finding another one doesn’t mean it will happen right now or tomorrow.”

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