MultiVersus New Update Released But No Details On New Content

MultiVersus New Update Released But No Details On New Content: A new update has been released for MultiVersus, but no new content has been announced. Many issues affecting different playable characters have been addressed in the latest update, which is now streaming across all platforms.

MultiVersus New Update Details

There are some major issues including the Iron Giant’s hitbox, Garnet’s bugs, LeBron’s stat tracker, and Morty’s down special. Regrettably, there are no more gameplay changes, character balance adjustments, new stages, or bug repairs planned. Because of this, some players have gotten somewhat vocal on Twitter and other platforms. It’s unheard of for this to happen in online gaming groups.

MultiVersus’s open beta launch in July 2022 was a smashing success. It’s free-to-play, Super Smash Bros.–style gameplay attracted millions of players to the game’s competitive scenes, both online and off. More characters and settings, such as DC Comics’ antihero Black Adam, Rick & Morty, and Stripe and Gizmo from Gremlins, would arrive in the weeks and months that followed. For the past four months, however, the fighter has received no significant new content updates; the last one being the introduction of Marvin the Martian in November 2022.

MultiVersus New Update

Because of this, there is undoubtedly a lot going on behind the scenes in relation to the actual release of the fighter, and it is important to remember that MultiVersus is now in open beta mode. After all, there were rumors, even if they were unofficial, that there were some interesting people that were going to be added to the cast. They included the evil Joker from DC Comics, as well as characters from movies like Beetlejuice and The Goonies, and even the Wicked Witch of the West from The Wizard of Oz.

On paper, the intellectual property (IP) portfolio that Warner Bros. possesses, which includes DC Comics, Mortal Kombat, The Lord of the Rings, Looney Tunes, and the majority of the other big popular worlds and characters, is a gold mine of roster additions.

Once a player’s attention has been diverted elsewhere, the community surrounding a fighting game may be a fickle and cruel mistress. These communities are difficult to establish, difficult to keep alive, and almost impossible to revive once they have been abandoned. It is to be hoped that MultiVersus, which is a fun scrapper, will be able to recapture the excitement that it generated in the months leading up to its introduction.

At this point, MultiVersus needs something that we’ll call “an event”: Either an official release date, a revamped user interface, and front end, or a “roadmap” of upcoming features would be helpful. The ever-smaller player base requires proof that the fighter has a bright future and is not on the path to being instantaneously canned by the Money Men, like so many other free-to-play hits that came before it.

Have a look at this tweet By Multiversus’s official account regarding the new update:

On the PlayStation, Microsoft Windows, and Xbox platforms, MultiVersus is currently accessible.

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