Need for Speed Unbound Volume 2 Update; Game Overboards For Many Players

Need for Speed Unbound Volume 2 Update; Game Overboards For Many Players. Our 2022 year-end awards say that Need for Speed Unbound was the finest racing game of the year thanks to its fast-paced races and exciting police pursuits. Updated content for Need for Speed Unbound Volume 2 has been announced by developer Criterion Games and publisher Electronic Arts. This new content includes additional racing kinds, rides, upgrades, events, challenges, cosmetics, and ways to engage with friends.

Further to the new cars, challenges, and online police that will be introduced in the next Volume 2 update for Need for Speed Unbound, a number of quality-of-life enhancements will also be implemented in the same patch. Don’t get me wrong, these modifications and the addition of Volume 2 altogether constitute the most major upgrade to Unbound to far.

The patch notes as a whole are quite lengthy, which is great, but the rebalancing of online multiplayer is one of the highlights.

Game Overboards For Many Players

Usually in Unbound, getting money requires a lot of hard effort, but after this update, the multiplayer playlists will supposedly be more forgiving. Payouts for all playlists will grow, both as a flat rate and as a function of viewership. The new daily challenges refresh every 24 hours and offer cash prizes, thus this works well with them.

Need for Speed Unbound Volume 2 Update

This update addresses an issue wherein Ferraris could get an unfair advantage by being downgraded multiple tiers to the ‘B’ tier. You can now only lower a vehicle’s performance by one tier. With the help of Need for Speed Unbound Volume 2 Update, racers will be able to take to the streets of Lakeshore in new and exciting ways. The first of a series of updates released after the game’s initial release, this one adds more Endurance Events, new Rumble Races, and the option to provoke police into cooperative pursuits with friends online. There are a total of 40 new tasks in Volume 2, three of which can be completed everyday for rewards including experience and cash as per Game Informer.

Need for Speed Unbound Volume 2 Update

Playlist Events provide more variety and large rewards, such as a Custom Lotus Emira Balmain Edition, while the new 30-second Hot Laps circuits are a great opportunity to race against the clock and earn new goodies. More driving effects, positions, stickers, and more are available as rewards in Volume 2. The announcement trailer is included below.

A new “Buy Bears” feature lets you pay $5 to unlock the locations of all 100 Bears, 80 Street Artists, 80 Billboards, and 160 Activities on your map. The “Fury and Zen” clothing pack consists of a jacket, t-shirt, sweatpants, and cap, and is available only through purchasing this premium DLC unlock.

After a playlist has begun playing, players can change vehicles to better fit the needs of each events. So wow, utilising the D-pad to skip songs once during a race is now a thing. Winner. But, we won’t pass up listening to Deal Wiv It by Mura Masa and Slowthai because that track is sick.

To further allow for aesthetic customization, driving effects can now be adjusted on a per-car rather than per-character basis. You may now customise your driving effects to perfectly complement your skin tone if you so choose.

The sequel to Need for Speed Unbound Volume 2 update, will be available on March 21 for all versions of the original game.


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